Six Reasons Why You Need to Filter Your Water Now

Water filter

Healthy drinking water is an important resource and lack of access to water can easily take a toll on the wellbeing of people who drink it. According to the Water Project, 1 in every 8 individuals on earth is deprived of clean and safe water. Although most of them live in relatively underdeveloped areas of the world such as Nigeria and poverty stricken parts of India, many people in the United States are also affected to an alarming extent.

The problems with them however can be easily fixed by following best practices to filter their water using state of the art water filtration systems in Atascadero, CA. Although the government has promised to provide safe drinking water to every American, it has become a utility which we have taken for granted, but the health crisis in Flint, Michigan has shown us that it can happen to the best of us.

Given the current state of disrepair of piping systems in the US, it is important to get the water disinfected and fortified along the process to ensure that you are 100% safe.

Water typically flows from lakes, rivers and can be extracted from groundwater. The journey of drinking water then goes throw a treatment plant, storage tank and then gets distributed to houses through appropriate pipe systems.

This is where the problem starts for many Americans because many factors such as corrosion and toxic chemicals contribute to unhealthy drinking levels of water. Having a natural affinity to bacteria and other deadly toxins, water could pick up many contaminants along its journey, including bacteria, chlorine, mercury, pesticides and even waste particles. For this reason it is vital that homes make use of water line repair in Atascadero, CA and install water filtration systems.


When water is filtered, you essentially regulate its odor, color and pH levels to ensure that it is 100% healthy. A good water filtration system in Atascadero, CA will purify water by removing dangerous toxins, bacteria and other harmful elements without sacrificing the mineral value of water.


During the period from 2011 to 2012, there were 32 reported cases of drinking water associated outbreaks, most of which were Legionellosis, a disease which utilized water droplets to spread. While chlorinated water is perfect for swimming pools, it really isn’t safe for human consumption. The government dips chlorine into our water source to eliminate the presence of chlorine. And while chlorine does its job very admirably, it continues to remain in our water systems. We have no other recourse than to use chlorine to eliminate these dangerous viruses.

But there is no reason why we can’t have water filtration systems installed in our homes and get rid of the chlorine after it has taken care of bacteria and toxins, is there? This is where a professional service specializing in water line repair in Atascadero, CA comes in. They’ll audit your house and suggest appropriate improvements to your water line system.


It has been shown by researchers that exposure to small amounts of lead over a long period of time can cause lead poisoning. This can cause anemia, compromise the immune systems and cause kidney and brain damage. If left untreated it can even cause death. Furthermore, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has announced that lead is a cancer-causing chemical in humans.

To avoid the diseases brought by lead, our experts suggest installing appropriate water filtration systems in the house to remove the toxic substance.


Many Americans are very paranoid about the safety of public water systems, and rightly so. But in their paranoia, they end up buying expensive bottled water which can dig deep into their wallets. If they were to instead, install a water filtration system in Atascadero, CA, they would no longer feel the need to spend any more money on expensive, branded water. Did you know that we pay over $100 billion every year to purchase water from other sources?

Analysis by researchers has shown that bottled water might not be that safe at all. After testing 10 popular brands of bottled water, researchers at Environmental Working Group (EWG) found 38 different pollutants including disinfection byproducts, bacteria, radioactive elements and industrial chemicals. Most of these dangerous chemicals have been linked to sever health effects such as the blue baby syndrome.

So your bottled water may not be all that safe at all and it might be simpler to install a water filtration system in Atascadero, CA.


Having effectively weaned off of bottle water sources, we will be helping our environment in many ways. The cost of processing plastic material to contain bottled water places a strain on our planet. Using a water treatment plant helps to reduce the cost of recycling, manufacturing of packaging and plastic material and the cost of transporting water. Together these not only save money but also reduce the overall global impact on the environment.


Did you know that water on its own doesn’t rot but its quality is compromised when it comes into contact with other contaminants? Water deteriorates in quality because other materials affect it overtime. Filtering the water takes away those substances responsible for the rot and increase the ‘life span’ of high-quality water.


Consumption of safe water means that there will be fewer trips to the ER and contracting dangerous diseases. This means that a lot of expenses can be saved on medicine and visits to the doctor. Among the diseases you can cross of your list include cholera, typhoid and dysentery. Keeping in mind that water related disease cause the deaths of over 3 million people worldwide, you’ll be making a safe choice to install a water filtration system in Atascadero, CA.

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