Should You Go Back to School or Start Your Own Business?

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Back-to-school season is upon us, and many individuals are faced with significant educational decisions. Is it the right time to return to school? Is investing time and money in an undergraduate or graduate program worth it? Can you achieve your career goals without a degree?

These questions often weigh heavily on the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs who are considering investing their resources in starting a business. Fortunately, there are multiple paths to entrepreneurship, and it's entirely possible to launch a plumbing franchise without a college degree or MBA.

Do You Need a College Degree to Start a Business?

Undergraduate and graduate degree programs can undoubtedly be beneficial for aspiring entrepreneurs. These programs provide valuable skills and experiences that can prove useful when starting a business, including theoretical knowledge and essential soft skills. Moreover, they offer opportunities for networking, apprenticeships, and internships that can significantly propel entrepreneurs forward. However, it's crucial to note that a college degree is not a strict requirement for starting a business.

There are distinct advantages to choosing entrepreneurship over traditional education that aspiring business owners should consider. On average, student loans amount to more than $37,000 per borrower. Instead of incurring such debt or investing substantial sums in college, entrepreneurs have the option to allocate their financial resources towards launching a business or securing a business loan.

There are no specific degree requirements when it comes to starting a business, and a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences can prepare entrepreneurs for their next venture. Entrepreneurs can gain the key skills needed to start a business without going to college, including skills like:

  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Time management

More specialized skills can be obtained through hands-on experience, mentorship, and certification programs, encompassing areas like negotiation, marketing, and business finances.

Do You Need a College Degree to Own a Plumbing Franchise?

If you are interested in starting a plumbing business, you can accomplish your goals without a college degree. There's no requirement to return to school for an undergraduate degree or pursue an MBA to launch a plumbing franchise. Franchising offers the essential tools and resources to efficiently establish your business without the detour of a degree program.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs, regardless of their educational background. There are no degree requirements to start your Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise, allowing you to dive into entrepreneurship without the time and financial investment of a degree program.

Do You Receive Training for a Plumbing Franchise?

Even if you lack a college degree or the desire to pursue a graduate program, you can still acquire the education and experience necessary to launch and operate a plumbing franchise. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers comprehensive training for franchise owners to equip them for the challenges of running their businesses. Franchise opportunities are accessible to individuals with or without a college degree or prior plumbing industry experience.

When entrepreneurs become part of the Benjamin Franklin Plumbing franchise system, they gain access to:

Additionally, they join a network of franchise owners who share similar experiences and can offer valuable guidance and advice. These advantages collectively provide the training, industry knowledge, and support needed to operate a plumbing franchise, regardless of one's educational background.

How Do You Start a Plumbing Franchise Without a Degree?

If you aspire to start your own business without a college degree, franchising with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing offers a well-defined path to entrepreneurship. You can leverage an established franchise system to gain expertise in the plumbing industry and launch your business, all without the need for a degree.

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