Leaving the Office: Redefine Your Work/Life Balance with Franchising

plumbing franchise owner

Your wellbeing is significantly tied to your work environment, and dissatisfaction or excessive stress at work can greatly impact your physical and mental health. Job-related stress can culminate in burnout and lead to issues like sleep disorders, depression, and anxiety. If you're finding yourself discontent with your current work situation, it might be time to explore a new career path that can boost your overall quality of life.

In a notable trend, more than 47 million people opted to leave their jobs in 2021, with a staggering 81% expressing no regrets about departing their former positions. Among the most common reasons cited for leaving were a lack of alignment with a company's core mission or values, a lack of challenges, feeling stuck in roles that offered limited growth, and inadequate compensation.

If you are aspiring to be your own boss, seeking a more stable professional endeavor, or striving for an improved work/life balance, franchising presents a viable solution. Below, we delve into the advantages of partnering with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing and how this choice can steer you towards realizing both your career and personal goals.

The Power of Entrepreneurship

There are many reasons why people opt to transition from conventional careers to entrepreneurship. Starting your own business carries greater responsibilities, but it also empowers you to assume greater command over your professional journey. Key benefits of starting your own business include:

  • You have the freedom to pursue your passions.
  • You have greater control over your earning potential.
  • You have increased flexibility in when, where, and how you work.
  • You have more opportunities to build relationships with employees, customers, and your community.
  • You have more resources to build your professional skills and mentor others to do the same.

“Four months after leaving my employer, my wife and I are starting a plumbing business. Innovation Product Manager to owner of a plumbing company is a hard turn for sure, even for my family. I’m constantly in the realm of being uncomfortable and I can say it’s been rewarding already.”

- Bob Evenhouse, Owner of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Grand Rapids, MI

Why should you consider franchising?

Franchising offers a straightforward and efficient path to changing your career and starting your own business. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing provides the tools and resources you need to start a plumbing business and enjoy the benefits of being your own boss.

  • Comprehensive Training: Participate in industry-leading training to learn everything you need to know to start a plumbing company, even if you do not have prior industry experience.
  • Ongoing Support: Utilize our knowledgeable team and franchising tools to help you launch and grow your business.
  • Increased Variety: Add more variety to your day-to-day schedule, including going outdoors, interacting with customers and your community, and spending less time stuck behind a desk.
  • Industry Stability: The plumbing industry is recession-resistant, and you can offer essential services to your community.
  • Scalability: Grow your business at your pace with the software and support you need to reach your goals.

Who makes a good plumbing franchise owner?

If you have a corporate background, you may wonder why the plumbing industry would be a good fit for you. At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we seek franchise owners from a wide range of backgrounds. We’ve identified some common characteristics among our successful franchise owners, and many can be found in traditional office jobs and corporate careers.

  • Team builders
  • Problem solvers
  • Management minded
  • Ability to learn and willingness to teach
  • Friendly and approachable
  • Desire to help others

If any of these characteristics describe you, you could have a future with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Contact us to learn more about the path to franchising and how you can work towards a more fulfilling career today!