How Ben Franklin Plumbing Franchise Embraces New Consumer Trends

After the last year, there are many unanswered questions about what our new normal is going to look like. Not only in terms of our daily lives but the future of thousands upon thousands of businesses and contractors weaved throughout a variety of industries. When talking about new consumer trends, the rise of subscriptions cannot be ignored. And while it’s not new to 2021 by any means, monthly subscriptions in replace of services and traditional ownership has boomed in size, scale, and popularity within the last decade.

Additionally, the consumer trend of subscription models continues to grow largely due to the ability to offload the responsibilities that come with traditional ownership. While it began with streaming services, evolved to meal prep and recipe boxes, will this subscription service trend be found in home services like plumbing? Yes, as we’re already seeing it – and adapting.

As new consumer trends emerge, our plumbing franchise will help you adapt and compete among other local and national competitors. One of the many ways we’re able to accomplish this is by offering your customers memberships to our exclusive Ben Franklin Society.

What is The Ben Franklin Society?

The Ben Franklin Society Membership™ Program is a plumbing membership club designed to extend the life of our customer’s plumbing and protect their home from unexpected breakdowns. This is one of the ways we stand out among the competition, provide a better solution to our customers, and ensure our franchisees have everything they need to compete in such a competitive landscape.

Our membership includes:

  • Full inspection once a year to check for small leaks that can grow into bursts, ruptures, and costly water bills
  • Routine service to catch small problems before they turn into full-blown emergencies
  • Annual inspection and flush of your water heater to extend its life and reduce breakdowns
  • Priority service and discount for any plumbing repair, maintenance, or installation needed

When customers sign up for a membership, they receive one professional safety inspection, leak check, and water heater tune-up for their plumbing system annually. This provides the ultimate value for your customers, and with our break-down guarantee, the ultimate peace of mind and ensure they’ll be covered if anything p to benefit in three ways, by saving money, having a breakdown-free guarantee, and receiving premier client rewards.

What’s In It for You?

When you’re an owner of a Benjamin Franklin Plumbing Franchise Development location, you’ll get everything you need to succeed. From proven operational tools and ongoing business support and innovative solutions such as our Ben Franklin Society, our team is prepared to help you succeed and grow your plumbing business franchise.

When you franchise with Ben Franklin Plumbing, you’ll benefit from:

  • The tools needed to create unforgettable customer experiences
  • Consistent and reliable revenue streams for your business
  • A successful way to grow the value of your business
  • The answers needed to navigate new consumer trends

Explore Your Plumbing Franchise Opportunities Today!

As times and trends change, things can seem very overwhelming. Whether you’re looking to secure your future as a plumber in your community, start your own plumbing company, or covert your existing company to a Benjamin Franklin location, give our team a call. We’re more than happy to learn about your current goals to help make sure we align!

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