Kickstart Your Plumbing Business with Benjamin Franklin's Buying Power

buying power

When starting a business, one of the first things you must consider is how you will pay for it. Not only do you need to consider all the startup costs that come with any business, such as hiring, training, marketing, and so on, but also the costs that come with the equipment you need.

And this is just the beginning. Even if you have access to the right funding from the beginning, you may still have trouble down the line. This can be caused by a lack of leads, subsequent profit, and poor-quality tools and supplies.

What is Our Franchise Owner's Secret? BuyMax.

While starting a new business can be stressful, many new entrepreneurs and existing business owners have turned to Benjamin Franklin Plumbing's franchising system for help. One major selling point continues to be the mass buying power offered with the help of BuyMax.

As a member of Ben Franklin, you'll be able to unitize BuyMax. This contractor-founded organization helps you access the buying power you need to succeed early on. With the help of BuyMax, you'll have access to:

  • Exclusive rebates on materials
  • Consumer financing options
  • Branded materials to leave with customers
  • Fleet solutions

The benefits of working with a franchise with mass buying power include:

1. Worry Less About Your Overhead Costs

Overhead costs are considered any cost that has a direct role in delivering the service to your customers. Overhead costs are things you can't live without, and our team looks to help take the stress out of worrying about them.

When you have less overhead, you make more money. And have greater success! We're able to help our franchise plumbing owners by reducing the overhead cost by buying in bulk, providing various rebates, and helping your new or existing business take advantage of the buying power we offer.

2. Get Started with More

With our help, you'll be able to open your plumbing business on day one with everything you need to succeed. This can help you skip the startup stage entirely because our processes work and have been tested hundreds of times – this includes our partnership with BuyMax and the great savings passed down to our franchise owners.

3. Consistent Quality Products, Tools, & Supplies

Your company is only as good as the supplies you use. When low-quality supplies are used and other shortcuts are taken, the customers are given less than quality plumbing services, and you lose repeat business simultaneously.

With the help of our buying power, you'll be able to easily access all the tools and other equipment needed for the job – all at a reduced cost. This helps you provide the best service possible. Every time.

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