Ask a Wichita Drain Cleaning Expert – That’s Us!

It’s always exciting when you’re “on” TV. If you have ever been on TV, or known someone who has, you’ve probably know what we’re talking about. You call everyone in your family and friends and let them know. Well, guess what? Ben Franklin Plumbing was featured on KWCH12’s “Does it Work” segment to evaluate the Sink Shroom. Our very own Jay Loibl was asked to evaluate the product and filmed. If you didn’t catch it, here’s the link. It’s a fun, exploration of a nifty product aimed to prevent drain clogging.

DIW: Sink Shroom

Unfortunately, it has some issues – it’s a bit too big for the drain, and backs up the water, though it does catch the hair. That said, it might help you PREVENT a clog, but if you already have a clogged or slow drain, call the #1 drain cleaning service in Wichita. We can evaluate how serious your problem is and give you recommended solutions.