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Outdoor Drain Cleaning Services

During heavy rains, your outdoor drain system is your home’s line of defense against flooding and water damage. If your outdoor drains become clogged with dirt, debris, grime, or other materials, they can’t properly redirect that water away from your home.

If you notice water pooling in your yard or around your home, it may be time for professional outdoor drain pipe cleaning services. The licensed plumbers at your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are ready to help.

Prevent water damage with professional outdoor drain cleaning services. Call (800) 259-7705 to schedule service today.

The Types of Outdoor Drains We Clean

Our professionals have experience working on all types of outdoor drain systems, including:

  • French drains. Because French drain pipes have relatively large holes for optimal water flow, they can easily become clogged with dirt, sediment, mud, roots, and more.
  • Trench drains.The grate that covers the main line to the drain often gets covered or clogged with larger debris such as leaves, sticks, trash, lawn clippings, and more.
  • Catch basins.Similar to a trench drain,a catch basin often becomes clogged with grass, dirt, debris, and more.
  • Dry wells.Because this system is installed in the lowest part of a yard, it often collects leaves, lawn clippings, dirt runoff, and more.

Our Outdoor Drain Cleaning Services

Dirty outdoor drains aren’t just a foul nuisance, they can quickly lead to more severe issues of water backup, foundation damage, pest infestation, and even mold. That’s why we recommend getting ahead of the issue with professional outdoor drain cleaning services and maintenance.

Before we begin, we’ll inspect your drain system to locate any damage or more severe clogs. From there, we’ll lay out a plan of action and provide you with a thorough walkthrough. Each type of drain system will require different tools and technology to properly clean. Depending on your system, our experts may use hydro-jetting, drain augers, or cable technology to get the job done correctly.

Once your outdoor drains are cleaned, we can provide you with long-term maintenance tips to prevent clogs and damage. We want to make sure that your outdoor plumbing issues aren’t just fixed now, but that further damage is avoided in the future.

The Benefits of Professional Outdoor Drain Cleaning

Similar to your indoor drains, outdoor drain systems can easily become clogged and coated with debris. While your indoor drains often need cleaning due to food, grease, hair, dirt, or mineral buildup, your outdoor drains need cleaning because of dirt, pests, leaves, branches, and other exterior material buildup.

By scheduling regular outdoor drain cleaning services, you remove these occlusions that can decrease drain efficiency.

Some other benefits include:

  • Reduces future blockages and clogs
  • Prevents water backup and potential water damage
  • Prevents potential pest infestations
  • Early detection of needed repair or replacement
  • Reduces odors
  • Prevents flooding

Why Choose Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for Outdoor Drain Cleaning Service?

At Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we stand behind a 100% satisfaction guarantee. That doesn’t just include a team of highly trained, licensed professionals but also respect for clients and their needs. Our plumbers are polite, tidy, and easy to work with. We always provide upfront, straightforward pricing and respect for your time with our If There’s Any Delay, It’s You We Pay™ guarantee.

And because all our locations are locally owned and operated, you’ll always receive help from a member of your community when you hire us.

Find Outdoor Drain Cleaning Service Near Me

Extend the life of your outdoor drain system and prevent excess water buildup with outdoor drain cleaning services from Benjamin Franklin Plumbing. Call (800) 259-7705 or request an appointment online to get started!

Outdoor Drain Cleaning FAQs

Can you tell me how to clean an outdoor drain?

It depends on the type of drain system you have. Most outdoor drains require professional tools and expertise to properly clean. Even if you can easily access your drain system, you’ll likely need a hydro-jetting tool or drain auger to remove buildup. To avoid damage to your system, hire your local Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for outdoor drain cleaning services.

Can you tell me how to get rid of outdoor drain flies?

Most often, outdoor drain flies are caused by a blockage or buildup in your drain system. If you suspect a more severe infestation, count on our sister brand Mosquito Squad for fly control services. Once any infestation is removed, our plumbers can provide outdoor drain cleaning services to remove any lingering buildup to prevent them from returning.

Can you tell me how to get rid of outdoor drain smells?

Outdoor drain smells are usually the result of buildup, a blockage, or even (ugh!) pest infestations. The best solution is to have a professional inspect and clean your outdoor drain system.

To prevent them from smelling again, keep leaves, twigs, and other debris away from them and schedule regular drain cleaning services.

Who cleans outdoor drain pipes?

We do! The licensed plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are trained in all types of outdoor drain systems and use advanced technology and tools to provide you with the best outdoor drainpipe cleaning services. Call  (800) 259-7705 to get started!

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