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Drain Cleaning Service By Benjamin Franklin | Sugar Land, TX

Drain Cleaning Service By Benjamin Franklin | Sugar Land, TX

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Drainage is the removal of water from a surface or area with too much water. In houses we use drain pipes to remove excessive water. We use it to drain water from sinks, showers and also to drain waste from the toilet to the sewer or the septic tank. We also use drain pipes to dispose of garbage. We usually take it for granted but when the drain pipes clog or start to leak, we begin to feel discomfort in our homes. That is why we require drain cleaning services regularly.

When you do not clean your drain often, you will get issues such as:

  • The cleanliness of your home is compromised. When your drains are dirty, they may clog causing you to have difficulties draining water from your sink, showers or your bathtubs. This water is usually dirty, usually dirty water. This will lead to your house being dirty and you might start to notice that your house will start to smell.

  • It may lead to the overflowing of gutters, mould growth and wood rot due to the area always being dumped due to drains clogging.

  • Dampness in your house that may cause damage to your concrete and asphalt. Thus the materials used to build your house may deteriorate.

  • The drains may clog making it difficult for waste from the toilet to drain into the sewer or the septic tanks. This will lead to a bad odour in your house.

  • Bacteria thrives in dirty places, hence it may not be surprising that bacteria may increase in your dirty drains which may lead to you getting sick.

How do you know whether you require drain cleaning services?

  • Persistent smells

Waste, food residue and dirt produce a bad scent when left in a place for a long time. If the odour of clogged pipes, or sewage becomes more evident, this is an indication that your drains need cleaning.

  • Difficulty in draining water

If your drain starts to drain water slowly or does not drain water at all, there is a problem with your drains, then you require services quickly.

  • Pooling of Water

If you notice a puddle of water beside your sink or shower, this could indicate that there is a serious problem with your drains. If you notice this, you should contact us immediately, as it could show that your drains are leaking. If this is the case in your home, you need drain cleaning service as soon as possible in order to prevent corrosion of your drains that may cause them to leak.

Does your sink take a long time to drain? Or does your gutter keep overflowing? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, give us a call. Here at Benjamin Franklin, in Sugar Land, TX, we ensure that these problems do not occur by providing the necessary services such as drain cleaning. Drain cleaning is a way to ensure that your drains do not clog or leak. Be it a commercial building or a residential home, we are able to provide the best drain cleaning service there is.

Not only do we provide drain cleaning services, but we also provide other services such as;

  • Water heater installation, repair or installation

  • Installation or repair of water filtration systems

  • Faucet replacement or repair

  • Garbage disposal

  • Repair and installation of showers and bathtubs

  • Leak detection services

  • Septic tank cleaning, installation or pumping

  • Emergency plumbing services. If your pipe bursts at night or your shower head gets loose early in the morning, give us a call and we will be there to fix it in no time.

Our plumbers are very highly skilled. They provide the best drain cleaning services, clearing of drains and even drain replacement or installation. When you set an appointment with us we guarantee that you will get excellent service and you will be satisfied with our work. We will ensure that you are comfortable.

Why choose us to provide you with drain cleaning services?

  • Our wonderful plumbing guarantees

At Benjamin Franklin, Sugar Land, TX, we guarantee quality services. When you give us a call with any plumbing issue, we will be sure to do our best to fix it. We will make sure that we repair your problem to your satisfaction.

  • We are punctual

Your time is precious to us. We make it our main priority to make sure you get the right service at the right time. We will be sure to come when you need us . When you have a pipe leak at night, we will come as soon as we can and repair or replace any plumbing appliance that is damaged. When you need drain cleaning services immediately, we will be there.

  • Excellent Quality Services

We are popular because of our wonderful customer service. Your needs and the comfort you feel in your home is very important to us. When you call with a plumbing problem that you want fixed quickly, we will fix it immediately.

  • We follow a strong ethical code

We make sure that we all provide services with integrity. Our employees are drug free. They will leave your home as clean as they found after they are done providing you with drain cleaning services. We make sure that our employees are clean and competent.

  • We are law abiding

We here in Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, of Sugar Land, TX follow the laws of the area and of the state. We compete fairly. That is why we are known for our quality services. Our employees respect the law.

  • We are always prepared

Our company has provided our technicians with a van that has all the necessary equipment that they require to give the best plumbing services there is. No matter how big or small you might think that your problem is, you can count on us to fix it easily.


Here at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, we guarantee 100% satisfaction in our work. Whether it is your offices that have a plumbing issue or your home, we will be there to fix any plumbing issue you might have. When you notice that your drains are dirty or your drains are leaking, give us a call and we will be there ready to provide you with great drain cleaning services or drain replacement services.