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An Overview of the Common Winter Plumbing and Water Heater Repair Problems | Katy, TX

An Overview of the Common Winter Plumbing and Water Heater Repair Problems | Katy, TX

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As soon as the temperatures start to cool down in Katy, TX, it is time to think about some of the most common winter plumbing problems that people might face, such as a water heater repair issue. Often, plumbers end up getting bombarded with calls the second the temperature drops below that magical 32 degrees F value. It is important for everyone to know about some of the most common winter plumbing problems that someone might face. If people are prepared ahead of time, they might be able to avoid some of these serious issues from arising. There are a few issues, such as a water heater repair problem, that everyone in Katy, TX should keep in mind.

Outdoor Pipes Can End Up Freezing

One of the most common plumbing issues that might take place during the winter season actually occurs outside the home. This comes in the form of frozen outdoor pipes. These outdoor pipes play an important role because they transport hot, clean, fresh water to important points throughout the yard. When the temperature starts to drop, these outdoor pipes can end up freezing. If the pipes start to freeze, they might also end up cracking. This can lead to a serious water leak and an expensive repair bill.

There are a few ways that people can prevent the outdoor pipes from freezing. One of the most important steps someone can take is to turn off any outside water while the weather is still warm. There are shut-off valves that are typically located near sinks close to the outside wall or in the basement (if the home has one). This will prevent the pipes from freezing during the winter and can stop them from cracking. Anyone who is having trouble finding the shut-offs for their outdoor pipes should be sure to call a professional plumbing service to ask for help.

Indoor Pipes Can Freeze as Well

Perhaps more common than outdoor pipes freezing is indoor pipes freezing. Indoor pipes are critical to the plumbing of a home. Furthermore, problems with the indoor pipes can lead to a much bigger problem. If the indoor pipes freeze, the water in the pipes is going to expand. As a result, the pipes will end up bursting. When the pipes burst and the water thaws, the result is a flood throughout the home. This can damage crucial documents, furniture, electronics, and more. For this reason, everyone needs to know how to prevent their indoor pipes from freezing during the winter.

The winters in Katy, TX, can actually get surprisingly cold. In order to prevent the indoor pipes from freezing, it is important to keep the temperature in the home at a reasonable temperature even at night. It can also be smart to open any cabinets that might enclose pipes underneath sinks and faucets. This will let the warm air circulate throughout the area. Finally, for those who are extra cautious, it can also be a good idea to drip one of the faucets at night. When the water continues to run, it will have a harder time freezing.

Problems with the Hot Water Heater

One of the most common calls a plumber will get during the winter is for a hot water heater repair. The hot water heater is going to play an even more important role during the winter, as it is going to have to work harder to warm up the cold water. There are steps people can take to make sure their water heater works well during the winter.

First, make sure to call a professional water heater repair service to inspect the heater before the temperature drops. That way, if any problems are found, they can be fixed before it gets too cold. Next, check the area around the water heater. Look for windows, doors, and crawl spaces that might lead to a draft. If there is a draft present, the hot water heater will have to work harder. If there is a draft, call a professional service to apply some caulk around the windows and doors. Of course, if the hot water heater is showing signs of wear and tear (or is broken), make sure to call a professional water heater repair service for help. Nobody wants to wake up to cold water in the morning.

Basement Floods Can Happen

Finally, another common reason why someone might need to call a professional plumbing and water heater repair service is for basement floods. These floods often result from snowstorms that drain into the basements in the local area. One of the most common reasons why these floods occur is that the proper drainage areas are blocked with leaves. Without a proper place to drain, the melted snow ends up flooding the basement.

Therefore, whenever a major snowstorm hits, make sure to look around the basement carefully. Ensure there is a designated area through which the snow can drain easily. Remember that snow is eventually going to run downhill. Make sure to clear away any leaves, rocks, or debris that might force the snow into the basement. This can prevent a catastrophic flood from taking place.

Count on Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston

These are only a few of the many common reasons why someone might need to call a professional plumbing and water heater repair service in Katy, TX during the winter. It is critical for everyone to check their hot water heater prior to the winter season. Anyone who is in need of a plumbing or water heater repair service in the local area should call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston today. Our professional water heater repair technicians are always standing by to help the local families with all of their plumbing needs. We would be happy to help you as well. Therefore, please call us today to learn more about our services! We look forward to helping you prepare this winter season!