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Top Signs Your Plumbing System Needs an Update | Insight from Your Trusted Katy, TX Plumbing Service

Top Signs Your Plumbing System Needs an Update | Insight from Your Trusted Katy, TX Plumbing Service

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If you want to enjoy hot showers with good water pressure, low energy bills, and reliable appliances, you need modern, well-maintained plumbing. Many older homes in Katy, TX have plumbing that is starting to show its age. If you are experiencing any of the following troubles with your pipework, consider calling a plumbing service to fix things up.

1) Leaky Faucets

Don't ignore that "drip... drip... drip" sound. Not only is it irritating and distracting, it's a sign of wasted water. Save the planet, and save money, by fixing that leak. In some cases, a leaking faucet is something that can be fixed by tightening a washer or replacing the O-rings. If your plumbing is older, however, the leak might be a sign that there are other problems on the horizon. Call a plumbing service if you have a recurring issue.

2) Clogged Drains

If your drains are slow to empty then there is a high chance that they're clogged u with grease, dirt, hair, or debris. If cleaning your drains with over the counter products doesn't resolve the issue then it could be a sign of a more serious problem, such as poor venting. Many older homes in Katy, TX haven't had their vents maintained since they were built, and worn vents can make it hard for pipes to drain properly. Call a plumbing service to give your pipes and vents a full health check.

3) Poor Water Pressure

If your shower feels more like a slow trickle than a refreshing blast of water, this could be because the pipes in your home are galvanized pipes. These pipes can rust from the inside, leaving you at risk of leaks, or with discolored water or low water pressure. Replacing those pipes is important to bring your property in line with modern building codes. Some types of older pipework can present a health risk, so if you have any reason to suspect that your pipework is due for a replacement, call a plumbing service today.

4) Odd Smells or Sounds

You might be used to the creaks and gurgles that come from your heating, but sounds like that are not normal, and bad smells coming from your drains are not something that you should ignore.

Gurgling or bubbling noises from the drains are a sign that the water isn't flowing properly. Bad smells are a sign that something is growing in your pipes, or that there is sewage building up down there. Both of these issues are things that should be investigated promptly because if those issues are left untreated they could get worse and result in damage to your property, attracting pests and vermin, or present a health risk to you and your family. Call a Katy, TXplumbing service to identify the cause of the problem, and update your plumbing if necessary.

5) The Toilet Won't Stop Running

When you flush the toilet, it will run for a while as the tank refills, then the water flow should stop once the toilet is full. If you hear the tank empty, then start to refill again, over and over, this is a sign that there's something wrong with the float or valves. A reputable plumbing service can fix a constantly running toilet quite quickly. If the issue is not with the parts in the tank then they will investigate the surrounding pipework to find the cause of the problem and solve it for you.

6) Water with an Odd Taste, Appearance or Smell

The water that comes out of your tap should be clear, odor-free, and not have a distinctive taste to it. Water that is cloudy, rusty or has an odd smell to it could be dangerous to consume. Water heaters have steel rods in them, which are coated with magnesium, zinc, or aluminum. The idea is that corrosive materials and bacteria are attracted to the rod, and this stops the contaminants from entering the pipework.

Over time, those coatings break down and they work less effectively. When you notice contamination in your water this could be a sign that the water heater needs servicing or replacing.

Modern pipes are made from steel, copper, or plastic, depending on where in the plumbing system the pipes are located. Very old pipes may be made from lead. Historically, lead was used because it was affordable and easy to work with. However, lead is 'soft' and over time can break down so that small amounts of lead from the pipes can enter the water supply. Exposure to lead in drinking water over a period of many years can be bad for your health. So, if you are worried about your water pipes, get a plumbing service to investigate and give you peace of mind.

Save Money and Energy with Good Plumbing

While it can be tempting to fix issues with a bit of DIY, if you aren't a confident tradesperson this could be a false economy. Calling a plumbing service ensures that you get your pipes, faucets and drains worked on by someone with training, expertise and the right tools. A job that takes a plumbing service an hour could take an untrained person a full weekend.

Think of using a plumbing service like getting a health check, but for your pipes, heating and hot water. Invest in your property to reduce your energy bills and keep your home working nicely. You will save money and enjoy great tasting water, refreshing showers, and peace of mind that your water pipes are safe for you and your family.

If you are looking for a reliable and friendly plumbing service, give Benjamin Franklin Plumbing a call today for a no-obligation quote for your plumbing and heating requirements.