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The Most Common Problems Your Plumber Wants You to Know | Sugar Land, TX

The Most Common Problems Your Plumber Wants You to Know | Sugar Land, TX

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If you've ever called a plumber chances are it was for one of these problems. In fact, you may have called a plumber for many or all of these problems before. In general, they're going to affect the way that you live in your home, but they don't have to be as major as you might think. You just need to know when to call them and what you can do about each of them in your Sugar Land, TX home.

Faucet Drips

If your faucet is dripping then chances are it's just a minor problem that needs to be fixed. By calling a plumber you can get this one taken care of quite quickly and you can get back to using everything about your plumbing in the way that it's supposed to be. There's no need to get too concerned about this one, but if you let it go for too long you are definitely going to find yourself spending a lot on your water bill. That's definitely not something that you want to deal with.

Failing Sump Pump

If your sump pump stops working it's something that just about anyone and everyone notices. You want to get it fixed right away too so this is a time when you're definitely going to call your plumber. And you're going to make sure the plumber comes out quickly too. The problem could be something minor that doesn't take much for them to fix or it could be a major problem that takes a whole lot of work. Make sure that you're making that phone call as soon as you recognize the problem.

Toilets Running

If your toilet is running it's actually very similar to a dripping faucet. It may not seem like a huge deal at first but when you get that water bill you're going to see just why it's such a problem. You're also going to want to get it taken care of right away because it could turn into a bigger problem. All you need to do is call a plumber and get them out to take care of it. Chances are it's a minor problem that they can fix in no time at all. But you need to call them to get them to do it.

Pipes Leaking

If you have a leaking pipe, even if it seems minor it's extremely important that you get it taken care of. Don't let leaks go on for too long because they not only cost you money in wasted water but they can actually cost you a whole lot of money in damage to your home. If they're left even for a short amount of time you could have wall and floor damage that costs a whole lot of money and takes a whole lot of time for you to fix. That's definitely not something that you're going to want to deal with.

Problems with Water Heater

If you notice that you don't have hot water or you don't have the same water pressure that you used to it's also possible that you have a problem with your water heater. You want to make sure that you're taking care of this right away because a lack of hot water is definitely not going to be fun or comfortable for you and your household. Call a plumber to find out more about what's going on and what you can or should be doing to fix this problem. You're definitely going to be glad you did.

Slow Drains

If your drains aren't working properly or they seem to be draining out slowly it could mean that you actually have a problem somewhere in the line. You might have a clog that's keeping water from flowing out the way that it's supposed to or you could have a more serious sewer problem if you're noticing that all of your drains are really slow to drain out. That's something that you absolutely want to get taken care of right away because a clog could very quickly turn into a burst pipe. So, make sure that you're taking care of things quickly.

Poor Water Pressure

No one likes to take a shower or do anything really without having good water pressure. But if you have bad water pressure the last thing you should do is just turn it up. You want to make sure that you call a plumber so they can take a closer look at just what's going on and why it could be happening. That way, you can take care of things like corrosion or leaks that you might not know about. Just turning up the pressure could cause even more problems.

Hose Bibb Leak

The hose bibb is something that you might not even realize is a problem until after you notice a leak and that can happen after you've got a freezing problem in your home. If you end up with a freeze and your hose bibb freezes too it could mean a big problem when you get a thaw. That's because you could end up with cracking and leaking that you don't even know about until much later. And that means you're going to be spending a lot of money on those repairs and the water when you do call your plumber.

If you have any kind of plumbing problem the first thing you should do is call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston. Our team of plumbers can come to your home in the Sugar Land, TX area and take care of anything that you might be experiencing. Whether you have a minor plumbing problem or a major plumbing emergency you want someone to get to you fast and you definitely want to be sure that you're going to get the problem taken care of as quickly as possible. You might even be surprised just how much we can do for you, before you even know it.