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Five Signs You Need to Call a Drain Cleaning Service Professional | Katy, TX

Five Signs You Need to Call a Drain Cleaning Service Professional | Katy, TX

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Katy, TX homeowners may find taking care of their home's plumbing to be a hassle, but nothing gets to be more of a problem than a simple clog in your house's pipes. They can collect quickly due to some simple bad habits, or they can happen slowly, insidiously over time until the cost to repair becomes prohibitively expensive. Though drain cleaning service professionals will recommend periodic maintenance checks regardless, this guide will inform you on how to correct some simple behaviors that may cause clogs in your home.

Bathroom Debris
While bathroom plumbing issues can be some of the more common issues a homeowner can face, clogs in the plumbing of a bathroom is considered by drain cleaning service professionals to be the one they face the most. It's not hard to see why this is the case, hair for example is a great agent for blocking drains, as they bind with fats and oils to form clogs, oftentimes deep in the piping of a home. An easy way to deal with this is to contact a drain cleaning service professional or a plumber and have them install a drain guard to catch hair before it enters and clogs the drain.

Soap is another major offender in the home bathroom. Katy, TX homeowners in particular may experience this due to the medium water hardness experienced throughout Texas. because traditional soap bars are made with fat, the fat combines in the bathroom plumbing with the natural minerals in the water, creating soap scum and increasing the likelihood of a scale type clog. Professionals advocate for using soaps that don't rely on oils that cause soap build up, and have the pipes in the home pressure cleaned to remove this soap residue.

Though this issue may seem silly at first, it's possible for Texas homeowners to use too much toilet paper when they go to the bathroom, and stop their toilets from flushing. While a drain service cleaning professional can take care of the blockage, if water can run through a toilet when flushed, it can quickly plunged vs taking care of the piping itself.

Kitchen Debris
For Katy, TX residents who are intent on selling their home in the future, they should know the kitchen is one of the best parts of the home to put work into to raise the value of a home. On the other hand, a home kitchen with a lot of issues related to clogs and dirty drains can tank the total price of the home, so besides just raising the standard of living, taking care of clogged drains can help make you a lot of money in the future.

Food waste is a fixture of any home kitchen, and though many drain cleaning service professionals advise home owners against stuffing food down the sink, this happens to be one of the most common causes of clogs in the kitchen. Even in the case of a garbage disposal, food debris can collect and harden in drains and pipes, especially really fatty or oily foods that will liquefy and compact before turning solid again, causing a blockage and potentially damaging your home's plumbing. You can hire a drain cleaning service professional to remove clogs and clean the inside of pipes, but in the meantime, taking care to clean the kitchen, and scrubbing the oil and food debris from pots and pans before washing them in the sink will help save your pipes.

It's less common than food, but in the event you wash a lot of dirt and mud away into a sink, excess dirt can collect and cause issues inside your drains. The mud can harden over time and become resistant to hot soapy water. Hiring a drain cleaning service professional to remove the dirt and mud from the inside of your plumbing may be the only way to get rid of it. Rinsing excess dirt off outside with a hose can help to prevent anything from collecting in your home plumbing.

Mineral Buildup
Due to Texas' hard water, not only can soap scum collect on the inside of drains and on plumbing fixtures, scale can naturally occur over time, becoming large insoluble masses that will slowly but surely block your drains. A drain cleaning service professional can remove any major scale build up, but this only resets the time it takes for your pipes to take on a lot of minerals. For a more permanent solution, home owners can install water softeners for the home, by removing the minerals from your home water before it enters your plumbing.

Tree Roots
Another tendency of Texas' environment is for trees with wide, shallow roots to flourish. Dry weather conditions can cause trees to grow far and wide underground looking for nutrients and water. In the event a sewer or water line has a small crack or leak, they can attract tree roots to enter and grow inside of them. Once inside, the tree roots don't stop growing, and may actually grow faster when exposed to the nutrients raw sewage contains. Clearing tree roots is a long, complicated process that can require rooting, pressure jet cleaning, and in the most extreme cases, digging out the entire section of roots by the sewer/water line. A drain cleaning service professional can do all these things, but there are steps the Texas homeowner can take to prevent tree roots from entering their pipes. Covering the pipes with insulating material, or a small physical barricade that will block tree roots can prevent any small cracks from attracting the growth of a tree root.

While drain cleaning service can be tedious to keep track of, at the end of the day, professionals exist to protect your home and plumbing from destroying themselves and costing you thousands of dollars in replaced piping, water damage, and raw sewage leaks. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to schedule an appointment today!