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10 Problems for a Professional Plumber | Katy, TX

10 Problems for a Professional Plumber | Katy, TX

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An average household in Katy, TX, is significantly dependent on the reliable function of the house's plumbing. The daily use of devices that require running water to work such as the kitchen sink, the washing machine, or facilities like the toilet or the shower may require some routine repair that if neglected, can cause headache to the habitats of the property. In this article, you will see what are the top 10 issues that plague a modern household and why it's necessary to seek professional help and call a plumber.

1. Boiler Breakdown

Especially during the winter, the water heater is used on a daily basis and it provides gallons of hot water throughout the house.

The water heater tank is usually located in the facility room or the basement of the house. It activates automatically or through the control panel when hot water is required. Common issues with water heaters are low pressure of water or no supply at all.

Leaks on the warm water must be dealt with as early as possible to ensure that the affected pipe is replaced without damaging the house further. On to ensure that you will not stay without hot water when most needed, it is essential to seek expert's advice for inspection.

2. Clogged Pipelines

Every household in Katy, TX, has to deal with at least one blocked pipeline every now and then. The blockage usually happens to the waste pipes and itself doesn't allow the incoming water to go away.

Clogging can occur due to food or waste disposal entering the water pipes from the faucets or other running water facilities and devices. In order to ensure that clogging doesn't happen to your system, avoid tossing food or waste inside the drain pipes.

If the drain pipes are made from metal, the use of chemical cleaners will damage the pipes and it might need to replace the pipe. For that reason, you should arrange for a plumber to frequently check your drainage and clear any clogged pipelines.

3. Leak

Leaks are the most common plumbing issue. Leaks are caused by old pipes that developed limescale which ruptured the pipe. A leak can be traced back to a white device such as the washing machine or the clothes dryer. It can also be caused by the wrong installation of a device or even a valve. Your plumber knows what places need to be inspected to make sure that your installation is waterproof.

4. Placement of Shut-Off Valves

Shut-off valves are used to stop the flow of water in connections that are no longer used. Despite the fact that a shut-off valve is easy to install and doesn't require any skill, you should consider asking for a plumber to do the installation for you. If the stop-valve is not correctly fitted in the desired pipe, it might cause a leak or even a drop in the water pressure.

5. Replacement of the Toilet Flush

Toilet flushes are used many times a day. A malfunctioning toilet flush may render the toilet useless or even worse, it can cause a water leak. Replacing a toilet's flushing mechanism is a complex task that is better to be addressed by a skilled plumber which will ensure that the procedure is done right and the flushing unit is properly working without any leaks.

6. Sewage System

A malfunction on the sewage system can have a bad impact on the house and upset its tenants. It may be caused by clogged pipes, a rupture on the septic tank or even a fault in the pumping system. Dealing with sewage waters is not advised as it can harm your health. If you think that the waste pipes have a problem or an odor is developed nearby those pipes, seek the help of a specialized professional who can rectify the problem.

7.Garden Watering Systems

If your property in Katy, TX, has a garden watering system, you may ask from your local plumber to periodically check the pipes and the pump for organic debris such as roots, soil or even ice during the winter season, which might be blocking the water output nozzles.

8. Faulty Radiator

A malfunction in one of the radiators in the interior of the house can cause a sudden drop to the property's temperature that can be uncomfortable for the occupiers. Especially during the beginning of the winter season radiators must undergo outgassing on to ensure that the hot water can freely flow through. When a radiator needs to be replaced, an expert plumber will ensure that this procedure is done safely and in a minimum span of time.

9. Water Outage

A water outage might occur without any indication. An outage can happen from many different reasons such as leakage, ice or a fault in the supplier's network pipes. By hiring an expert to deal with a water outage is the best practice and it will ensure that your water supply will be restored as soon as possible.

10. New Appliances

Appliances that need running water such as washing machines, dishwashers, and faucets need to be connected to the right water supply. If you are moving or replacing such an appliance, seek out the help of a plumber to ensure that the installation is done safely and is properly working.

Call a Plumber and Stay Dry!

You may like to take matters into your own hands by trying to fix a plumbing issue at your home. However, there are cases where the problem is complex and you might cause greater damage without the right skills and equipment.

By enlisting the professionals at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to deal with the boiler's tank, the leaky faucet or your faulty radiator will save a lot of time and make sure that the job is safely done. If you are seeking for a professional plumber to take care of your homes plumbing check our website.