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Why Plumbing Isn't a DIY Job | Insight from Your Trusted Sugar Land, TX Plumber

Why Plumbing Isn't a DIY Job | Insight from Your Trusted Sugar Land, TX Plumber

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To the untrained eye, plumbing might seem to be a fairly simple job as long as you have the right tools for the job. After all, each plumber has a simple goal of clearing out clogs and keeping the water flowing, right?

Not so much. While every plumber cares greatly about keeping the pipes operating the way they should, there's a lot more that goes into plumbing than simply making sure that pipes are in good condition and finding the source of leaks. Over time, a plumber learns exactly how to spot leaks and their causes so that they can prevent those leaks from reoccurring, and that's knowledge that the average person simply doesn't have. Before you try to fix the problem with your faucet or toilet in your Sugar Land, TX home, here are a few things to consider.

Pipe Fitting Problems

Are you aware of what kind of pipes you have and how well they fit together? The most common materials for pipes are PVC and copper, and some locations have plumbing codes that require certain pipes to be used or require them to be put in certain spots. A local plumber is going to know about these ordinances, but the average homeowner won't, which could lead to a fine at best and a serious plumbing issue at worst. If you don't know the right pipe to use to fix your problem, you're going to either find yourself making a lot of trips to the hardware store to get the tools for the job, or you're going to make a wrong decision and cause a real mess.

Videos Lead You Astray

We know that in the age of YouTube and the DIY Network, everyone wants to duplicate what they've seen on television. After all, if Matt Muenster can redesign an entire bathroom on Bath Crashers, why can't you replicate a video that you saw online and use that to fix your plumbing problem?

Here's the thing: the hosts that you see on DIY Network are trained professionals who are licensed in their field and have trained for many years to be that good at their job. Just because something looks easy online or on television doesn't mean that it's actually easy to do yourself. They've got the tools to do the job right the first time, and they've got the knowledge that comes from doing it many times, something that you simply don't have.

There are two instances where it's ok for you to opt for a DIY solution for a plumbing problem: when it's a simple issue that you can try to resolve yourself, such as putting a drain snake down a clogged sink, or when you have firsthand knowledge in solving the specific problem. If your uncle was a licensed professional and personally taught you how to find and fix a leak under the sink, go ahead and try it if you have the right tools. If you're trying to figure things out with your Sugar Land, TX sink based off watching home repair tutor on YouTube, you're asking for problems.

Tools Can Get Expensive

Even if your uncle was an experienced professional and brought you with him to several of his house calls, that doesn't necessarily mean that it's cost-effective for you to try to fix the plumbing problems on your own. If you're trying to replace your shower head, that might be an easy fix because you've probably got a wrench available. But if you need a pipe wrench to loosen up chemical residue that's built up over the years, you need to ask yourself: how often are you going to use that pipe wrench? Will you need it for other jobs, or will you likely use it once and then put it away forever?

When you're considering hiring a professional in any home improvement or maintenance project, such as a house painter or a door repairman or yes, a plumber, you need to consider the cost of buying new tools and the difficulty of storing your tools. If you don't have the right tools for the job, you might find yourself paying just as much to fix the problem yourself as you would to bring in a professional to your home. That not only wastes your free time, but it also leaves you with the problem of finding a place to put your new tools until you need them again -- which might not be for years.

Quality Counts

Even if you manage to fix the problem on your own, are you really confident enough in your skills as a plumber to say that the problem is fully resolved? The last thing you want after trying to fix a plumbing issue in your Sugar Land, TX home is to find yourself having to repair the same issue a month later because you didn't fix things properly the first time and your temporary fix turned out to be just that.

When you hire a plumber, you're not just getting their plumbing skills. You're also getting their professional reputation, which they put on the line each and every time they make a house call. If a professional makes a mistake on a homeowner's plumbing, that's something that gets passed along to other homeowners and hurts their business, so when you hire a professional plumber, you know for a fact that you're going to get their best work every single time. They have too much at stake to risk giving you anything less.

It's tempting to try to save a few dollars wherever you can, especially when it's for something like maintenance on your home in Sugar Land, TX, but in the case of plumbing problems, it often isn't worth the meager savings. Instead, get the professional plumbers at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing to take care of the job the right way the first time, giving you peace of mind that your home is going to avoid serious water damage from plumbing issues!