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3 Things Your Drain Cleaning Service Wishes That You Knew | Katy, TX

3 Things Your Drain Cleaning Service Wishes That You Knew | Katy, TX

Have you ever wondered what your plumber is thinking when they come to your house for something like a drain cleaning service? Do you do many of the faux pas that causes plumbers to roll their eyes or wish that they could just pull you aside and give you some tips? Maybe, they're sick of coming to your home for the same problem over and over again.

Many of us do things that our plumber wishes that we would stop on a regular basis. Many of us aren't even aware that we're doing these things. In fact, we might think that it's normal or the best course of action. What we don't know is that what we're doing is actually ruining our plumbing.

To help you avoid many of the faux pas that plumbers in Katy, TX see, we have created this blog that will give you a look at 3 of the major things that your plumber wishes that you would stop doing.

1. Reaching for the Drano or Other Types of Drain Cleaning Agents

Many people are quick to reach for the Drano or other types of drain cleaning agents before calling a plumber in Katy, TX. They think that they're doing a good job, but the truth is that they're creating more problems and issues down the road. Some of these drain cleaning agents may actually damage the plumbing, so you'll end up having to replace it sooner than you'd think.

Another reason why you should stop reaching for the Drano and call a drain cleaning service instead is that these drain cleaning agents rarely get the job done well. In fact, they will usually leave many of the blockages in tact still. They only remove a portion of the areas that require attention.

Trust me when I say that your plumber would much rather that you keep notorious cloggers out of your drains instead. Consider installing a drain catcher that will keep hair out of your drains. You should also try to avoid pouring grease down your drains. This will only expedite the length of time between each drain cleaning service.

2. Trying to Tackle the Plumbing Problem Yourself

Many people think that they can tackle and solve every problem themselves. This is heightened by the many DIY videos that are out on YouTube and other social media outlets. The solution looks simple, and often enough, all of the equipment and tools that you need to solve the problem can be found in your home.

Before you try to Google your issue and find a DIY video that will help you, think again. When the drains are clogged, many homeowners will opt to try to fix the problem themselves rather than call a drain cleaning service in Katy, TX. While they may be able to temporarily solve the problem, what they don't know is that they may actually be worsening it. Their DIY might actually damage the drains or might make it a lot more difficult for a professional to complete a drain cleaning service properly in the future.

Don't create more headaches for yourself in the future. Do yourself a favor by calling a professional. It might look simple, but there's a reason why plumbers have a lot of training on how to complete a proper plumber. The truth of the matter is that many different problems can emerge during the drain cleaning service, and you need to think quickly to make sure that nothing gets damaged.

3. Overloading the Garbage Disposal

Do you want to know why so many homes need regular drain cleaning service? Many people don't put a second thought into overloading the garbage disposal. They throw everything and anything down the garbage disposal because it's easy and simple. They throw grease down the drain because they think that it'll be more of a hassle to dispose of it in any other way.

These habits may actually be causing you to need more drain cleaning services every year. They could also be damaging your drains in a significant manner. So, think again about what you should and shouldn't throw down the garbage disposal next time that you're in the kitchen.

For example, pour the bacon grease into a glass bottle and dump it in the garbage. Make sure that you let the bacon grease cool down first; otherwise, you might end up hurting yourself. Also, toss the ends of your vegetables, like the ends of your carrots, in the food waste bin rather than in the garbage disposal. It's better not only for your drains, but also for the environment as well! Food waste can be recycled and turned into compost.

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