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Things Your Sugar Land, TX, Plumber Wants You to Know About When Dealing with Your Water Heater Repairs

Things Your Sugar Land, TX, Plumber Wants You to Know About When Dealing with Your Water Heater Repairs
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Homeowners are usually responsible for hot water in their homes, and they may have to take care of any repairs to the water heaters. Hot water heaters make life cozy due to its multiple uses in showering, washing dishes, or laundry. However, like most appliances, hot water systems are prone to wear and tear, and it's important for you to get an expert plumber for your water heater repair needs.

Sugar Land, TX, has plumbers who are experienced in water heater repairs who offer regular maintenance check-ups to debug and solve underlying plumbing-related issues. Besides that, below are a few ideas to help you deal with problems that come with hot water systems, ranging from the complete lack of hot water to water leakages near the water heater. 

Know Your Water Heating System Type

The most annoying part of having a water heater in your home is having one that doesn't do its job. This may be due to the energy source, typically gas or electricity, not producing enough heat to warm up the water. The first thing you should do when dealing with this issue is to find out whether your water heating system is gas or electric. 

Gas water heating systems are indicated with a flue at the top since they need ventilation systems to remove the gases they produce. On the other hand, electric water heaters don't need chimneys but require electric cables that connect to circuit breakers in electrical panels. 

Troubleshooting Gas Water Heaters

For gas water heaters, ensure that you check whether the gas control knob is turned on. First, turn the knob to PILOT, remove the cover at the bottom, and then check whether the burner is lit. If it's not lit, you can turn the knob to ensure that the gas inlet valve is open. Also, ensure that the thermostat is set to about 120 degrees.

How to Detect Heating Problems in Electric Water Heaters

When dealing with electric water heaters, ensure that you have shut down the power supply to the water heater before handling it. The first step is to ascertain whether electricity is reaching the appliance. At times, the circuit breaker may trip and if this happens, you can flip it completely off then turn it back on. Also, the fuse may have blown, hence interrupting the current flow. So, be sure to replace it when this happens. 

The process of troubleshooting and repairing problems of no hot water can seem daunting, therefore you can always call your Sugar Land, TX, plumber to take care of such problems.

Problem Solved: Warm Water, but Not Warm Enough

There's that annoying sensation of turning your water heater on and receiving lukewarm water that just doesn't satisfy you. Do not be quick to dismiss your water heater as faulty since the problem may be as simple as the thermostat setting. You can adjust the temperature by turning the dial at the water heater and if the problem persists, here's what to do next for your water heater repair.

Determine your hot water needs in relation to the size of your heating system. Most homeowners may increase the size of their bathtubs or install high-pressure showerheads that emit a lot of water. Ultimately, this may put pressure on your small heater, and you can simply solve this problem by installing a larger water heater.

Dealing with Very Hot Water

Very hot water can be detrimental to you and your loved ones and can lead to bad scarring that may take months to heal, especially for baby skin. Needless to say, you may spend a fortune on hospital visits on medication.

If the normal temperature regulation knob doesn't work, there may be a problem with the temperature relief valve that releases steam. At this point, it's vital that you either replace the valve or seek the services of an expert water heater repair plumber. Alternatively, you may try replacing the thermostat.

Battling Bad Water Odor

Do you have a difficult time showering since the water just smells bad? If so, you're in luck since here's a water heater repair solution for you. 

First, determine whether the problem occurs in both hot and cold water. Your source of water may need chlorination alongside inspection if the odor persists in both hot and cold water, so consider finding a public health inspector to help you out. However, if the bad smell occurs only in hot water, then the root cause of the problem may be a reaction between the heater's anode rod and sulfate in the water. 

You may fix this problem by replacing the anode rod or seeking the services of a water heater repair expert. You'll never go wrong with the latter option since an expert is likely to identify problems that you never thought existed.

How to Take Care of Popping or Banging Sounds from Water Heaters

You definitely need this water heater repair tip if your water heating system releases weird noises when you turn it on. When hard water boils, it may release sediment that builds up in your heating tank and eventually causes popping or banging sounds when heated. To eliminate this problem, you need to drain the water heater and flush the sediment outside the water heater through the drainage valve. However, if the sediment is too large and can't pass through the drain, you may call an expert plumber to do the job.

Also, if you're using an electric heating system, the sounds may indicate the build-up of scale on your heating appliances, so it may be time to change your heating elements.

Boiling Sound in Your Water Heater

Other than the release of very hot water as discussed above, a boiling sound is another cause of worry for any homeowner in Sugar Land, TX with a water heating system. If your water tank sounds like it's boiling the water, it could indicate that there's a lot of pressure build-up in the tank. You should immediately call experienced water heater repair technicians who are more than capable of dealing with the situation.

Get a Top Plumbing Aficionado

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