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Things You Should Know About Toilets Before Buying One | Tips from Your Katy, TX Plumber

Things You Should Know About Toilets Before Buying One | Tips from Your Katy, TX Plumber
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As a professional plumber will tell you; toilets come in a plethora of styles and types, with varying features, textures and whatnot. So one thing is for sure; you will be able to find one that fits your particular bathroom perfectly. However, since there are so many of them out there to choose from, it could often make the whole toilet buying process a little daunting for some Katy, TX homeowners. Therefore, we have put together a guide that will walk you through all the things that you should know about the toilet before you head out to buy one. It will allow you to make an informed decision and make the process seamless for you. Let’s start off with the features of a toilet.


The height, flush power, buttons and levers are some of the basic features of a toilet. As you head out into the market to make a purchase, you will have a preferred set of features that you’ll want to focus on. These set your priorities and will guide your shopping. Some of you might be concerned more about the height; others might be concerned more about the flush power, and for some, the water-saving capabilities of the toilet may be the most important. You can always get in touch with your designated plumber to find out more. Let’s look at these features in a little more detail below.


There are many toilet models that minimize water use and help to conserve water consumption. The increasing use of these toilets has led to a 22% drop in average household water consumption since 1994. The EPA mandated that the toilet flush should not use more than 1.6 gallons per flush back in the ’90s. 1.28 gallon per flush is what is considered a mark of a highly efficient toilet in the present generation of toilet models.

These generally employ two different buttons; one for solid waste and the other for liquid waste. Once you bring this one home, call in a skilled plumber to come and install it for you in no time.


A standard toilet reaches a height of about 15 inches. Then there are “comfort height” ones that go up to 17 to 19 inches. This particular feature is often a deciding factor for many buyers. Some of the things that you might consider related to toilet height may include the following:

  • The average height of your household
  • Are there kids in the house?
  • Is there any disabled person in the house?
  • What does your local plumber say about the best toilet height?

You must ensure that the toilet is accessible and easy to use for all.

Flush Power

Flush power simply refers to how good a job the flush does at sending everything down the drain. The toilets with a high flush power are always desirable as they can flush away all the waste in one go, saving you time as well as water. This gets done in two ways. You can either get yourself a high powered flush, or you can get a dual flush power. The latter employs a circle button split into two. The mechanism relies on a siphon inside, and there are two water holes; one on low and the other on high. You can always get in touch with your plumber to help you decide between the two flush power options.

Pressure-Assisted Flushing

Although most toilets use the flow of gravity to flush water, there are many newer models out there that make use of pressure assistance for flushing.

These pressure-assisted categories build up air pressure inside the tank chamber as the water enters it. As a result, when you flush the toilet, the compressed air assists the gravity led flush and enhances its power and effectiveness by creating a quicker, more powerful flush. Although your plumber may warn you about the noise this one creates, it is still an option if a powerful flush is the major deciding factor for you.

Flushing Options

You’ll have different options when it comes to the flushing function in your new toilet. Let’s look at the two most common options that you can choose from.


Although it may seem like it is the standard, the use of buttons for flushing is a relatively new idea. A toilet with a button for flushing comes with some clear advantages. It’s easy to clean and easy to fix. Furthermore, the dual power or the pressure-assisted flushes we discussed above can only be possible with the toilets employing this button flushing mechanism.

Therefore, even if they are more expensive than the other options, the dual flush allows you to save water. In the long run, you’ll save on water bills. It may be easy to fix, but you’ll still need to call in a professional plumber to take care of it appropriately.


The old school flushing option of a lever still sells on the market today. Levers are quite easy to replace, and with a small change to this toilet fixture, you can significantly customize the overall look of your toilet. These levers come in a variety of different styles and finishes such as stainless steel, chrome, polished nickel, etc. You can always get your plumber to change these whenever you feel like introducing a subtle change to the toilet’s overall look.

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The above make up the features that you should look for when you’re out to buy a new toile for your home. Depending on what features are most important to you, you can narrow down your search and buy yourself the toilet that you really need. The next step is to call in a professional plumber in the Katy, TX area to install the toilet. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in the Katy, TX area is the best when it comes to providing plumbing related services. Its extensive and growing list of satisfied customers along with its top-notch 24/7 emergency services are proof of its impeccable service standards. We offer a wide variety of plumbing related services; from leak detection and drain cleaning to heater repair and more. Acquire our impeccable services for anything plumbing related in the  Katy, TX area and install your new toilet right away.