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When You Need to Call Plumbers Immediately | Katy, TX

When You Need to Call Plumbers Immediately | Katy, TX

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In some cases, it's rather obvious when you need to place a call for a plumber. If you find your bathtub or your toilet overflowing, for example, that's a certain sign that you've got to get professional plumbers on the job before things really get out of control at your home.

But what about the less obvious signs? Sometimes, there are small signs of a problem with your plumbing that can help you prevent a disaster, if you know what to look for. In these cases, catching the signs can keep your home intact with minimal damage, while failing to notice them could add a restoration job to your plumbing work. Here's what you need to pay attention to -- and be ready to call in expert plumbers if you notice any of these symptoms!

Water in Your Pipes at Odd Times

Your pipes are supposed to have water in them when they're in use. But if you hear water moving through the pipes and you know that nobody else is using your water, that means that you've likely got a serious problem. Most likely, you've got a leak somewhere in your home that you haven't yet managed to find. Unless you're pretty experienced at searching for a leak and discovering it before it causes a major issue, you're going to need to call in plumbers to find the leak before you see water bursting through the walls or the ceiling of your Katy, TX home.

Along with using your ears, you also need to look at the walls to make sure there aren't any brown or darker spots that signal water damage. If you spot either of those, you need to call for assistance immediately.

Water Isn't Flowing

During the winter, this can happen for any number of reasons. Luckily, it's pretty rare for pipes to freeze in Texas because the temperatures rarely get below freezing, but blockages can happen for a number of other reasons. For example, you might have a foreign object get into the pipes and cause a blockage, which can lead to a burst pipe and serious damage. As soon as you see that your faucets aren't working the way they normally are, be sure to call in professional plumbers to ensure there's not a serious blockage or a reason for your pipes to become damaged.

Low Water Pressure

We've all been there: you want to get a nice, relaxing shower, and your water pressure suddenly disappears for no reason whatsoever, giving you nothing but a drizzle instead of the rushing water that you were hoping for from your shower. Most times, there's a reason, and sometimes, it's easy enough for you to solve on your own. If your shower head is simply gunked up with debris, then you're in great shape. You can just clean the head and get back to enjoying your shower.

But what if your shower issues are caused by something more sinister, like a broken pipe or a leak in your system? At that point, you've got to make sure to call in professional plumbers in Katy, TX to make sure there's not a serious issue. Remember, DIY plumbing solutions are for simple fixes that you can do without tools. If the job is any more complicated than that, you need to call in plumbers who know what they're doing to ensure that you don't cause any more damage than already exists.

Sulfur Smell

When you move into a new home that hasn't been lived in for a while, there's a good reason for a rotten egg smell coming from your pipes. It's because water hasn't been flowing through the pipes for a while, which has led to a sulfur buildup. If that's the case, there's not much to worry about. All you need to do is run your water through your pipes for about 30 minutes to flush the sulfur through the system, and your water will be back to normal without problems.

But what if you've been home for a while and you notice a sulfur smell from out of nowhere? In this case, you've probably got a broken pipe of some kind, and that means professional plumbers in Katy, TX are a necessity. Even if the pipe problem is as small as a slight tear in your pipes, a sulfur smell is a sign of a serious problem that you shouldn't ignore. If something doesn't smell right at any point, it's time to call in professional help.

Slow Moving Drains

Wait, aren't you supposed to just use Drano with a slow-moving drain? In two words: absolutely not. Under no circumstances should you use Drano on a slow-moving drain unless you've consulted professional plumbers and made sure that it's safe to do so.

Why? Simple: Drano can cause some real problems for your pipes if it stays in them for too long. That's even more true if you have PVC pipes, as the corrosive liquid can melt the glue that holds your pipes together if it doesn't get through your pipes fast enough. Plus, Drano doesn't always dissolve a clog properly, and when it doesn't, it can turn any water that it comes in contact with toxic. Putting Drano in standing water should be an obvious bad idea, but you'd be surprised at how many homeowners think that it's a foolproof solution.

Instead, you need to call in professional plumbers in Katy, TX and make sure that the clog is properly removed by someone who knows what they're doing. The only thing you should ever put down the drain on your own is a drain snake, and if that doesn't work, it's time to call for help.

The best way to avoid problems with your pipes is to know what you don't know and be ready to call for help if you needed. When in doubt, don't take unnecessary risks: call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing for professional plumbers in Katy, TX to be certain that the job is done right!