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Top 5 Warning Signs That You Need a Plumber in Katy

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More often than not, plumbing becomes one of those things we think least about until it’s too late and then there’s a bigger problem to face. An average homeowner in Katy may know his way around a plunger and at most a bottle of drain cleaner. However, most people don’t know anything else about plumbing in Katy.

This is why it’s vital to have complete knowledge of warning signs that can prevent plumbing catastrophes. If you don’t know your way around these things, you will have to pay repair bills worth thousands of dollars. Not only that, plumbing issues create a mountain of a mess in your home that can ruin your whole day.

In this article, we will discuss telltale signs that you should call a plumber in Katy ASAP.


Hearing gurgling sounds while using the toilet can be the first sign of a clogged drain. It doesn’t remain limited to your toilet either. A similar thing can happen when you are running your laundry or using the dishwasher.

Whenever you hear a gurgling sound from a system when it’s not being used, it’s usually because the system is struggling to find air. This is a disturbing sign because this can lead to a back-up flow if you don’t resolve it.

Homeowners invest a lot in keeping their home’s floor furnishing clean. Moreover, these people spend considerable amounts of money on expensive rugs and carpets. A back-up flow is a nightmare for these people as it can fill the house with the disgusting sewage water. If you’re also one of these people, contact a plumber in Katy as soon as you hear gurgling in your home.

The plumber in Katy can close the main water valve and tackle the issue immediately. Instead of wasting time plunging your toilet, call a plumber in Katy as soon as possible.

Hearing Water Inside Pipes or Toilet

When you hear water running through pipes when no one is using water, it’s possible that you have a leak. Once you see this, you should look for wet or brown spots on ceilings, walls, and floors.

If the wet spot on your wall is warm, it’s likely because there is a leak in your hot water line. Doing so can be really helpful in resolving the problem quickly. Once you call a plumber in Katy, he can use this info to get right on the task and isolate the source of the drip.

When you see the same issue with your toilet, it’s likely because the seal beneath the bowl is damaged. However, a hissing sound means that your internal tank components are worn and a replacement is on the cards. A plumber in Katy can take care of all these problems with ease.

Low Water Pressure

It’s frustrating to see water coming slowly out of a faucet. Sometimes, low water pressure is simply because some gunk has built up in the faucet’s aerator.

The easiest solution to this is screwing off the aerator and cleaning the gunk residue. After you screw the faucet back, you will restore the water pressure back to where it should be. Though this fixes the low-pressure issue in most cases, there could be more serious problems behind this issue.

Anything between an eroded waterline, a fractured pipe, or a water leak in the system can lessen the water flow. These are complicated issues and should only be looked after by a professional. Don’t waste time on trying to do it yourself, call a plumber in Katy now.

Frozen Pipes

There isn't much anyone can do when their water pipes freeze in the dead of winter. The immediate sign of this happening is having no water coming out from all water faucets. You should call a plumber in Katy as soon as you see that happen. Other signs include odd clanking noises after turning the tap on, along with smells of sewage emanating from the tap faucet.

Trying to defrost those pipes yourself can lead to cracks in the pipe. If you’re not careful, your pipe can even fire a full burst of freezing water on you. For local residents, it’s ideal to call a plumber in Katy to look at the matte himself.

People can also prevent frozen pipes by letting their faucets drip cold water overnight. While doing this, they have to leave sink cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate.

Smell of Gas

People should never ignore the smell of gas even if they smell it in the open. Gas distribution companies add that smell to natural gas to make gas leak detection easier. Gas leakages are not a job for a plumber in Katy. However, there are many all-round services that offer services of plumbing as well as gas line repair.

Whenever you smell a leakage somewhere, you have to take quick measures to resolve it. Gas leaks are dangerous and can cause an extensive amount of damage. At first, you should open your windows. Along with that, refrain from using any electrical appliance because even a small spark can ignite a natural gas explosion.

There may be plenty of reasons to call a plumber in Katy. However, it’s better to trust on an all-round service that gives solutions to all your problems.

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