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Plumber in Katy Asks — Do You Need a Video Inspection for Your Plumbing System?

plumber in Katy wants to ask you if you should call a plumbing company for a video inspection for your plumbing system. Now, you may not know the answer to this question, as the thought about getting one may have never crossed your mind.

If that’s the case, a plumber can help you by telling you about the importance of scheduling a video inspection for your plumbing system and the benefits you will receive if you do. But first, let’s tell you what a video pipe inspection is.

What Is a Video Pipe Inspection?

Video pipe inspection involves a plumber in Katy inserting a camera inside the pipes to get a better and clearer view of your plumbing system. The video camera, propelled by a set of wheels, moves through your entire plumbing system, searching for signs of damage and deterioration.

The camera captures images of the plumbing system and transmits them via a cord to the plumber operating it. This enables the plumber to find issues and tell you about the repairs needed. When the plumber completes the inspection, they will bring the video camera out of the plumbing system.

One of the reasons why video pipe inspection is so important is because not all signs are visible.  By getting in touch with a plumber in Katy for a video inspection of your plumbing system or/and sewer system, you can get an idea of the plumbing problems you’re currently facing.

What Are the Common Plumbing Problems a Video Pipe Inspection Reveals?

If you do not call a plumber in Katy for regular plumbing system maintenance, you will likely experience the following issues — however, these issues can develop over time, but a regular checkup of your plumbing system allows the plumber to catch them before they worsen:

1.  Broken and Cracked Drain Pipes

Shifts or changes in the soil can damage, break, and crack drain pipes. This type of damage can result in water leaks and sewage leaks in the plumbing systems. If your pipes have sustained physical damage, your sewage and drainage systems will not work properly.

2.  Damage to Seals or Joint Issues

The plumber in Katy will perform a video camera inspection to get a close-up view of the joints and pipe connections. Another reason they will perform a video camera inspection is to examine the condition of the seals at the connections and joints.

3.  Blocked and Clogged Drains

Blocked or clogged drains can slow down the flow of water or restrict it. Blocked and clogged drains are a result of materials collecting inside the drain pipes. The material that you send down your toilets and sinks, especially your kitchen sink, can cause blocked and clogged drains.

Pouring chemical cleaners to unclog the drains can worsen the problem, especially if you find yourself doing that several times a week. The chemical cleaners tend to stick to the sides of the pipes, corroding them overtime. Here are four signs that indicate that one or more of your drain pipes is blocked or clogged:

  • More than one fixture is clogged
  • When you use your fixtures, they react differently such as hearing a gurgling sound when you use your sink or toilet and water rising instead of draining
  • There is a strange and horrible smell in the air due to the water being displaced
  • Your washing machine backs up water into your sinks, shower, or tub

4.  Growth of Tree Roots

Tree roots growing inside the drains can cause water leaks and considerable damage to your plumbing system. If you do not call a plumber in Katy in time, the tree roots will eventually cause the pipes to break and you will need to get them replaced. For this reason, it is important that you get in touch with a professional plumbing company in your area as soon as you notice a slow water flow.

5.  Older Home

People living in a home that is more than 14-years-old will likely experience problems with their plumbing system. If your home is older than 14 years, you have more reason to contact an experienced and certified plumber in Katy for routine maintenance of your plumbing system via a video camera to ensure everything is it’s supposed to be.

What Benefits Will You Receive by Getting a Video Pipe Inspection?

Here is a list of benefits you will receive if you schedule an appointment with a plumber in Katy:

  • A plumber can inspect the remote areas of your drains and pipes
  • It increases the speed and efficiency of routine maintenance of plumbing systems
  • Plumbers will not need to dig a lot to access the pipes
  • It enables them to find issues with your plumbing system easily and isolate them to fix without having to perform exploratory digging to find leaks, breaks, and other types of damages to the pipes
  • Since the camera records what it encounters, it allows plumbers to view it later
  • They can use the same video pipe camera equipment to view pipes of various sizes

How Often Should You Contact Your Plumber for Video Pipe Inspection?

You should call your plumber in Katy for a video pipe inspection of your plumbing system at least once every year. You should call your plumbing company for regular and routine maintenance at least once every month, especially before the new season begins.

If an issue with your plumbing system becomes clear to you, do not waste time in getting in touch with a professional and experienced plumber to visit your home to inspect your plumbing system and fix any issues they encounter during it.

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