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A Short Guide to Drain Clogs and When You Should Call for Drain Cleaning in Richmond

Do you get your house drains cleaned professionally every month? The answer is probably “no.” Is it because you think it is an unnecessary service?

Let us paint a picture for you:

It’s the Christmas week and you have been hosting parties at your house non-stop. The kitchen sink is used daily and garbage disposal is used more in these days, your close relatives are staying at your house, which means the bathroom is in constant use and your maid has been doing boatloads of laundry. As Christmas ends, you get back to your routine. After a few weeks, you feel the kitchen sink is draining slowly, the garbage disposal creates an unusual noise every time it’s switched on, and there’s always water standing in the bathroom after someone uses it.

Do you see where we are going with this? You probably scraped plate after plate with bones and grease into the garbage disposal. The kitchen sink was subject to leftover chunks and the bathroom drain probably has a huge hairball stuck in the pipe. These are the types of messes that plumbers in Richmond deal with on a daily basis.

And this is why you should think about calling professional plumbers for drain cleaning in Richmond.

Typical Causes Behind a Clogged or Slow Drain

  • Organic matter and soap residue can accumulate in the drain pipes
  • Grease and oil are the main culprits of a clogged kitchen sink
  • Hair can clog just about any opening, which includes the shower drain, sink drain and the main drain line in the bathroom
  • Objects such as tiny toys (figurines) can get stuck in the pipe
  • Tissue papers in the toilet

Such clogs are hard to identify and by the time you do, the damage has been caused. Don’t reach for a drain cleaner because it won’t do the trick. It’s better to call a plumber in Richmond.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

You already know how expensive plumbing repairs can be, so it is better to call a plumber in Richmond for regular maintenance rather than fixing it yourself. A slow-draining sink is the most common sign of a clogged pipe. Let’s have a look at some others:

Foul Smell

The buildup of grease and soap and toothpaste scum can create a nasty mess inside the pipe. The lining of the pipe becomes glue and sticky. Whatever is thrown in the sink next gets stuck to the wall and as you can imagine – days of buildup produces a foul smell. Bacteria and mold builds up over time and the more the drain clogs, the stronger the smell becomes. You might not smell the stink when standing at the sink but you will get hit by a nasty odor when you will enter the kitchen or the bathroom. This is the second hit that you should call a plumber in Richmond.

Rusty Pipes

When pipes become too old, the small cracks and holes give way to humid air to react with the iron in the water. This can be seen above the pipe and if the pipe is not changed, the rust builds up inside the pipe.

Standing Water

You are taking a shower and when you get out of the stall, you see your toes are pruned. Has this happened before? If not then it means that water is slowly draining from the shower stall. This is another common sign of a clogged drain. You will probably find water standing in other places too such as in the basement or near the washing machine. If the problem extends to other areas of the house too, then call a plumber in Richmond.

Fruit Flies

Plumbing + fruit flies… a strange connection, right? Do you see fruit flies circling the kitchen sink or the cabinet underneath even after you have wiped every surface clean? This indicates a buildup of waste in the drain pipe. Fruit flies are attracted to food and you will mostly find them in the kitchen. So keep an eye out for these pesky flies.

These flies are not the only insects you will see near standing water. From cockroaches to water bugs, silverfish and mold mites… they all will make an appearance over time. Most of them are found under sink cabinets because they love warm moisture. It’s futile to go online in search of DIY solutions to kill these bugs because they will keep coming back until the clog is cleared. Whatever the case, you will need to call a professional plumber in Richmond.

Odd Noises

Is your plumbing system making an odd noise at night? From banging to bubbling, sloshing or gurgling sounds, if you hear any one of these, then your pipes have a clog. The sound occurs when water tries to push against the clog and the pressure builds up inside the pipe.

Reasons Behind a Clogged Basement Drain

You already know about the flushable wipes, fat, grease, oil and hair. These are the most common reasons behind a clogged drain. Since the main drain pipe runs through the basement, this is the place where the root of the problem… and we mean that literally.

Tree roots are the reason behind a clogged drain. What usually happens is that if a tree is planted too close to the main drain line, the roots slowly break through the pipe and block it. As the roots grow, so does the blockage. This gives way to mice and other rodents to go inside and create a home. Yes, this does happen! When tree roots clog the main pipe, you will hear a gurgling sound in the basement. When you do hear the sound, call a plumber immediately for drain cleaning in Richmond.

And that is how you spot clogged drains in your house. The key to minimizing the cost of repairs is to call a plumber in Richmond for regular drain maintenance. Avoid throwing things down the drain that don’t belong there and you won’t encounter another clogged drain ever again. Benjamin Franklin is a plumbing company that specializes in drain cleaning in Richmond and other problems. To know further about their services, call at (281) 616-3978.