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6 Reasons to Go for Filtered Water Instead of Bottled Water | Water Filtration System in Katy, TX

Little girl drinking a glass of water

Water is essential to life and staying healthy. The quality of water you consume daily affects your health and wellbeing to a great extent. Filtered water makes the water cleaner, safer, tastier, and thus healthier than water available in plastic bottles or taps.

Bottled water is a popular source from where people get water, but is it the safest? While bottled water can be more convenient, it is stored in plastic bottles making it dangerous for health and environment at the same time.

Tap water was the most commonly used source of water until the past decade, but with the deteriorating quality of public water facilities, it is also not considered as the best option anymore. The water can be contaminated with minerals, chlorine, bacteria, or other substances that can severely harm the quality of life.

So, what are the options for safe and pure drinking water? Filtered water is turning out to be an amazing investment as it removes the impurities and odor from the water. Here are the reasons why you should invest in a water filtration system in Katy, TX against tap or bottled water.

1.  Bottled Water is Expensive

When you buy a single bottle of water from a shop for a few cents, it seems very cheap. But when you buy it every single day a couple of times, you will realize that it is in fact expensive. Meanwhile, a water filtration system in Katy, TX may seem to be costly but it is an investment with greater returns. The tap water enters the filtration system and comes out filtered. The filters need to be changed every 4 to 6 months, and they are also not so costly. So you can get the same clean and safe water from your filter, so why go for bottled water that is up to 30 times costlier.

2.  Environmental Pollution

The biggest environmental hazard in this era is plastic. Using bottled water means contributing to the deterioration of the environment. The rise in the demand for bottled water, as it is portable and convenient, has increased and that is ruining the environment for our future generations. Plastic bottles are not properly recycled resulting in the weight of plastic bottles present on earth to be the same as the weight of humans. Yes, this is actually true according to research! Moreover, studies suggest that plastic could become one of the major causes of global warming in the next few years.

So in order to not be a part of the environmental degradation and reduce the impact of plastic footprint, shifting to a water filtration system in Katy, TX is a good idea to save the planet.

3.   No Contamination

The most obvious reason is that filtered water will actually filter the water right in front of you. You can see the filter right in front of you with all the impurities trapped. While tap water is known for its obvious impurities, it is a lesser known fact that bottled water can also be contaminated. When bottled water remains in the bottle for a long time, or is exposed to the sun, the plastic warms up and it releases particles that can be mixed in the water and be harmful to health. As bottled water is mass-produced, supermarkets may have stored water for days, weeks, or even months.

If you ever clean your water filtration system in Katy, TX, you can actually see the amount of impurities visible to the naked eye. The best part about the water filtration system in Katy, TX is that you have access to pure water in your own hands.

4.   No Additional Minerals

What could be better than pure, natural water? No matter how much the bottled water companies try to deceive you, the truth is that bottled water has added minerals to improve the taste of water. The reason why bottled water companies do this is to make your water so tasteful that the consumer isn’t able to use any other source of water. Chlorine may be added to remove bacteria from the water, but when consumed on a daily basis, chlorine could be harmful to health especially to the ladder and immune system. Other minerals are zinc, lead, and mercury that are added in lower concentrations but are not entirely safe for the human body in the long-run. Also, when you can go for pure drinking water through a water filtration system in Katy, TX, why add taste to it?

5.   No Odor

water filtration system in Katy, TX will give you odor-free water. Tap water always has an unpleasant smell of heavy metals and chemicals that can make it difficult to use. If your water has an odor, not only will it become difficult for you to drink it, but also difficult to cook food or make tea from it. The odor affects the water quality and influences the taste as well. A water filtration system in Katy, TX traps the chemicals and remains of heavy metals in its filter technology and makes the water pure.

6.   Easier and Accessible

While bottled water seems to be more of a portable option, a water filtration system in Katy, TX will make your life much easier, especially when it comes to accessing drinking water. Since the water filtration system is installed right with your tap, it wouldn’t cause you much trouble to access the system. The filter system works on electricity and is installed by a plumber directly into your water line. So you pay the water utilities but get both tap water and filtered water.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg brings to you expert plumbers who will install, repair, and maintain your water filtration systems in Katy, TX. We will make sure that you don’t have to drink the impure tap water ever again. Customer service and satisfaction is our top priority, so if you pick us, you will not regret it.

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