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What Can Go Wrong with Water Filters? | Water Filtration System in Rosenberg

You have been noticing some weird things in your water supply. You poured out water into a glass from your kitchen sink and noticed it was murky. Anytime you shower, there is white residue all over the bathroom walls and shower cover.

Sometimes, the water smells different and pungent. Once, your child drank some water from the tap and complained that it tasted bitter. You tasted it yourself and realized the water had a distinct metallic taste to it.

You wonder why this is occurring. What are these signs indicating?

It’s mostly like an issue with your water filtration system. Most houses in Rosenberg are fitted with water filters. These help to safeguard you and your family from impurities and chemicals that naturally occur in the Rosenberg water supply.

Water filtration systems in Rosenberg are fitted into your homes to make the water pure, clean and clear. If there are odors, unfamiliar tastes, white chalky residue or suspicious coloring in your water supply, you need to contact a professional.

Don’t worry there are plenty of efficient plumbers in Rosenberg. But how would you know if there is a problem in your water filtration system in Rosenberg?

Here is a comprehensive guide to water filtration system problems so that you can instantly spot the signs and have the filters checked out and fixed by professionals.

Water Pressure Problems

Sometimes your water supply units may experience water pressure issues. Now, this could be a sign of a lot of things including clogs in your piping system. However, this could also be a sign of a fault in your water filtration system in Rosenberg.

Your water pressure may be affected by the overuse or wearing down of your water filter cartridges. This normally occurs when cartridges have not been replaced for a while. You may also have clogs in the same cartridges which are causing contaminants to build up.

You may a lot of sediment residue in your water filtration system in Rosenberg as a result and may need professional help from plumbers in Rosenberg. You will need to replace your filters or cartridges to remove the sediment buildup and clogs or even get special sediment filters to remove the increased sediment amounts in the filter.

Bad Taste or Smell

This is a warning sign that the water supply in your home is contaminated. If you notice a bad taste or smell while using or drinking your water, you should immediately call a professional for an inspection.

The reason for these issues in water filtration systems in Rosenberg usually are attributed to increased and new impurities and contaminants that are polluting the water supply. You will then need new filters that will be able to handle the new and rapidly increasing impurities that will affect your health and the piping system in your Rosenberg home.

Water may also smell and taste bad or different when you do not replace the water cartridge on time. If you notice a bad smell or taste you should immediately check your cartridge for signs of wear or expiration.

Water Drainage Problems

This is another common sign of a water filtration system issue in most Rosenberg homes. What usually happens is that reverse osmosis filters tend to run and drain as they get faults.

This may occur because you have a problem with your valve functions where the valve system is not issuing warnings for malfunctions or not shutting off automatically.

The reverse osmosis filter might also drain because your reverse osmosis system requires more water pressure than your city’s water supply system is capable of providing.

Your plumber will then to check and replace your reverse osmosis valves and even install a booster pump to remedy these problems. The valves will then function normally and the reverse osmosis filter will have adequate water pressure with the booster pump.

Turbid Water

If you have high turbidity or chemical particles in your water, you have a serious water filtration issue that may affect your health and quality of life. You should call your plumber if you see something funny coming in the water supply from your taps or showers.

You will need to have an adequate filter replaced or refitted. The plumber will most likely add another septum filter to make sure you do not have turbidity issues in the future.

The septum filter uses a sophisticated filtration method to take out and separate sediment and chlorine in your water so that your water supply is safe to consume.

High carbon levels in the water

Another problem in water filtration systems can be a high amount of carbon. Carbon levels and impurities will often need specialized water filters to be installed along with your existing water filters. Some of these filters include carbon block filters and granulated carbon filters that come with polyphosphate. These will purify and filter your water, making it hazard-free and safe to use and drink.

If you face any of the issues in water filtration listed above, you should immediately reach out to your local plumbers for repairs, maintenance and inspection services.

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