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Things Professional Plumbers in Sugar Land Wish No Homeowner Does

Plumber fixing bathtub faucet

Most plumbing problems occur because of specific DIY practices that people adopt and implement in their homes to keep their plumbing system in good shape or resolve any minor issues that might be there, such as clogs.

Truth be told, these DIY remedies and actions do no good but result in even worse damages to the pipes and drains.

Wondering why?

Simply because HVAC and plumbing in Sugar Land are technical areas and need to be dealt by those who have technical expertise and experience. Just like you can’t expect to cut yours or others’ hair nicely, you just can’t introduce repairs related to plumbing in Sugar Land properly without having relevant knowledge and experience.

The biggest blunder that homeowners make is using harsh chemicals and sharp objects to clear out clogged drain or clean the pipes, tank, or drains in their homes. While liquid drain cleaners available on the market today are all the rage, they only provide temporary solutions while damaging the inner coating of pipes in your plumbing network, resulting in long-term issues.

If you have been using liquid drain cleaners, sit down and think about the number of time you had to look for a plumber in Sugar Land after that and how soon. The numbers would be astonishing, we bet!

Nonetheless, if you really want to get rid of problems related to plumbing in Sugar Land home of yours, here are some practices that you should instantly abandon.

Plumbing Practices You Should Let Go Of

Different professional plumbers in Sugar Land were surveyed to ask about common plumbing issues that they get called for. All of them confirmed that these issues are often a consequence of DIY plumbing remedies.

Here are the common mistakes that result in extensive plumbing issues.

1.   Using Strong Drain Cleaners

Using liquid drain cleaners should be the last thing you should try revamping your drains with. Even then, you must think twice before hurling them down the drain.

The reason professional plumbers in Sugar Land and elsewhere discourage the use of harsh chemicals is that they are too strong for the inner coating of pipes and can easily damage it. This will soon cause your pipes to corrode or rust, ultimately exposing you to large scale issues that require huge, costly repairs and even full replacement of the plumbing network.

2.   Treating Toilet Drains like Garbage Cans

We are all tempted to send down things into the drain to save the hassle of walking to the garbage can in our homes. And this temptation is what puts people in shambles.

Plumbers in Sugar Land working with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg confirm that the majority of plumbing problems in homes occur because homeowners fail to differentiate between drains and garbage cans.

The only notable culprits here are laziness and a lack of awareness. If you aren’t aware of what should or should not be sent into the drain, there are tons of articles on the internet that you can read through to protect it. And if it is laziness that causes you to feed the drain with stuff that should not go into it, you know what needs to be done.

3.   Trusting DIY Plumbing

There is a reason you have to study and take different exams to become a specialist in any field. Relevant qualifications are extremely important for a person to excel in their career, regardless of whether they are a doctor, plumber, technician, mechanic, or anything else.

Just like you can’t fix your car yourself without having complete knowledge of the parts, tools, and technologies that are needed, you simply can’t expect to fix your home’s pipes and drains without having learnt the basics.  Moreover, normal households don’t have specialize equipment and told needed to introduce reliable repairs.

Therefore, technical tasks like those related to plumbing in Sugar Land to the specialists in specific areas.

What compels people to take on DIY remedies is the expectation of saving money. However, with DIY remedies, you can only keep your money safe for a short period until the unstable repairs result in larger problems that are even costlier.

In addition, plumbing is undoubtedly a technical job. Without hands-on experience, knowledge, and the latest tools, you can easily end up causing damages to your property and harm yourself. So, it’s better to call professional plumbers in Sugar Land and spend a few extra bucks for long-term relief and safety.

4.   Using Drop-in Toilet Fresheners

The key to keeping your toilet drain intact is not dropping in anything whether it’s something to be wasted or things like drop-in toilet fresheners.

Toilet fresheners are used to remove stinks from toilets and give it a unique, fresh fragrance. As for drop-in fresheners, they make the water in the toilet blue while releasing a certain smell. As much as you like seeing nice blue-colored water down there, it isn’t good for the toilet itself.

Drop-in freshener tablets contain chemicals that can easily wear out parts inside the tank. Moreover, these tablets can get trapped in the flush and keep the toilet from functioning at all.


The above-given information and mistakes that have been highlighted may seem like no-brainers or useless but their effects are really far-reaching.

To sum up, you must not take on any DIY remedies when it is about problems that your plumbing network is facing. As soon as you notice the sign of a problem, call your enlisted plumbers in Sugar Land to get the plumbing network inspected and repaired.

However, prevention is always better than cure and you must endeavor to keep plumbing problems at bay in the first place by scheduling regular inspection and maintenance.

In case you are already looking for someone to get your plumbing network serviced or repaired, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is a name you can completely trust. Connect today!