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5 Things to Consider When Buying Toilets In 2019 | Plumbers in Katy, TX

Bathroom renovation can seem technical and confusing if you have not taken up a similar project before. Buying a toilet may seem easy at first. However, due to the multitude of options available in the market, it is not.

To get the best toilet that the market has to offer, it is necessary to take your needs and the décor of your bathroom into account. Most homeowners complain of excessive water bills, water wastage and similar issues. As any of the good plumbers in Katy, TX would highlight, opting for efficient designs and modern fixtures results in cost savings.

If you are looking for the best toilet seat for a bathroom upgrade this year, then consult the best plumbers in Katy, TX to attain the best possible installation. Additionally, use this guide to purchase a model that best fits your home:

1.  Flushing Performance

A toilet that is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing and has the most advanced technology is of no use if it struggles to flush properly. The toilet must have a decent flushing performance, which uses less water but packs a punch.

Toilets are bought to last at least a decade, and if they perform poorly, then clearly you have not made the right decision. When buying a toilet, it is best to compare it with other models.

Check a toilet’s ratings, especially their flushing power, online and compare it to similar models. Additionally, ensure that the best plumbers in Katy, TX install the toilet.

2.  Water Conservation

The world is moving towards environmentally safer options to help conserve nature. This means opting for bathroom fixtures that are energy efficient and water efficient is going to become a norm very soon.

Water efficient models of toilets in the market can reduce water usage by 20%. Toilets with a lower GPF rating are more efficient, cut down water wastage and perform wonderfully. In turn, these are ideal if you wish to cut down on your water bills too. Besides this, low flow models help to conserve water usage too.

Hence, if your main priority is lowering water consumption, then low flow models are the way to go. When you are uncertain about the designs, make sure to ask the finest plumbers in Katy, TX for suggestions. They will help you get the best design that can help you with water consumption.

3.  Space and Dimension

Before you settle on a toilet design, it is ideal to consider the size of your bathroom. For that purpose, identify the available space in your bathroom, measure it and look for toilets with similar dimensions.

If you have a small bathroom, the toilet must be small as well but must offer the same features as a larger model. Additionally, it should be comfortable and have a decent flushing power.

Besides this, it should hold a decent water capacity and blend in with the bathroom décor too. Tankless toilets are ideal for smaller spaces as they attach to the wall and take less space. Ask your preferred plumbers in Katy, TX to inspect your pipe setup prior to installation.

Furthermore, choose seats that are at least 17 inches in height from the ground. These are suitable for the elderly and children can grow into them as they age too.

4.  Effective Design of the Toilet Seat

Buying a new toilet seat is a rare occurrence. A factor that most buyers tend to forget when buying a toilet seat is the hygiene factor. Toilet bowls are susceptible to staining and cleaning one can seem like a tiring chore.

Besides this, dirty toilet bowls spread germs. Toilet seats can accumulate mold around the seats, especially if the flushing feature is malfunctioning. When it comes to toilet seats, a modern design that is becoming extremely popular is the rimless toilet seat.

These seamless models fit well with an easy cleaning routine. The missing rim results in a cleaner and hygienic toilet bowl, which can be cleaned with just a few swipes. Besides this, they reduce the risk of mold and limescale buildup.

However, whichever design you choose, for convenience, ensure that it has a high gloss ceramic design. Lastly, make sure that you employ trained plumbers in Katy, TX for optimal functionality.

5.  Bathroom Décor

Bathrooms with modern functional features add value to the house. Hence, it is always preferable to upgrade bathrooms with the finest and newest fixtures. When opting for a toilet seat, install a design that matches the overall decor of the bathroom.

You should choose a toilet that makes your room look stylish, ranks high in performance and has superior functionality. However, in your quest for stylish features, ensure that the design does not compromise on functionality.

If you plan to put the house on the market later, then choose designs which are not glaringly colorful. Very edgy designs and colorful seats make it difficult to sell the house.

Professional Installation of Fixtures

Installing the newest fixtures in your bathrooms elevates the style of your bathrooms. However, if installations are carried by unprofessional and unlicensed plumbers in Katy, TX, the fixtures may soon start to show defects and issues.

The inconvenience and poor performance or horribly installed fixtures lessens the excitement. To make sure that the installation process is smooth and that your fixtures last for a long time, opt for plumbers in Katy, TX.

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