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5 Plumbing Components to Prevent Damage and Reduce the Cost of Repairs

The plumbing system of your house is complex. To increase your home’s longevity, you need to make sure that your plumbing system is in top-notch condition. This means you have to have functional drainage pipes that are free from defects. However, as your plumbing system ages, it is likely to develop problems like leaks, which may lead to flooding. Over time, your plumbing system may rust and develop mold.

A repair and maintenance job from the finest plumbers in Richmond can help fix these issues. However, to prevent these issues in the first place, you can install certain plumbing components, which can make your plumbing system efficient.

Here are top plumbing components which, when installed by licensed plumbers in Richmond, TX, save your home from probable damages and costly repairs:

1.  Garbage Disposal

If you are in the habit of disposing organic waste into the sink, then you are damaging your pipes. In the future, your sink will clog and your plumbing pipes will be damages. If the situation gets worse, you might end up paying for costly repairs.

Imagine dirty water floating in your sink. Not only is this a terrible sight, but it can spread germs too. To keep the pipes clear, clog free and safe from costly repairs, install a decent garbage disposal.

Garbage disposals chew the discarded food into smaller sized waste that flows easily through the drainage setup. They also make the sink cleaning routine easy. If you are planning to install a garbage disposal, ensure that you hire skilled plumbers in Richmond, TX if you want to avoid complications.

2.  Water Filtration System

Most of the water that makes it way to your drinking supply goes through an intensive filtration process already. However, the high amount of calcium and magnesium in water is likely to cause buildup in your appliances such as kettles, washing machines, dishwashers, etc.

Additionally, water may contain trace amounts of life threatening microbes such as Giardia. You are likely to fall sick with diarrhea and stomach cramps from drinking unclean water. The water filtration system softens the water and reduces the risk of impurities and toxins from entering your body.

Have licensed plumbers in Richmond, TX install a decent water filtration system in your home. Ensure the filtration device is big enough to purify the water supply of your whole house. This would keep your appliances from malfunctioning due to poor water quality and keep your medical bills low.

3.  Sump Pump

Occasionally, water problems in the house can lead to pooling of water, moisture troubles and flooding. Usually, the water would start collecting at the lowest point in the house, which is usually the basement. If you are tired of standing water or flooding in the basements, then install a sump pump for best results.

These rescue you from the excessive water that may make it into your house. These last up to 10 years and keep your home dry and free from moisture related problems like mold. However, hire the best professional plumbers in Richmond, TX to install the sump pumps.

4.  Backflow Preventer

If you are one with nature and love gardening, then you have probably setup a fine sprinkler system for your lawn. However, these sprinkler systems are susceptible to backflow of water. Contaminated and fertilizer ridden water can suddenly rush in the wrong direction.

It may enter through your pipes and pollute the drinking water. Such water is a health hazard and can cause diarrhea and costly trips to the hospital. An effective way of preventing this damage is to install a backflow preventer device.

Such a device keeps the water from moving in the wrong direction and safe from contaminants. If you are planning to install a device to prevent backflow, hire plumbers in Richmond, TX as they guarantee superb work.

5.  Auto Shut Off Valve

As houses age, they are susceptible to pipe damage and water pressure problems. Pipe damage can lead to burst pipes or flooding. Flooding exposes your home to pathogens, septic water from sewage or mold growth. Repair of burst pipes is also very costly.

The auto shutoff valve is a blessing since it detects fluctuations in the water pressure running through the pipes set up in your home. Once there is a leak in the pipe, the water pressure alters. The auto shut off valve picks up this change and reacts by halting the supply of water in the entire plumbing setup.

Since auto shutoff valves reduce the chances of flooding, it is a resourceful component to incorporate in your plumbing system. Ensure to hire the best plumbers in Richmond, TX for top-notch installation.

Professional Installation

Owning a home comes with its own set of troubles. From small leaks, unusually high water bills to malfunctioning fixtures, anything is possible. Adding resourceful plumbing accessories helps to keep the damage at bay and reduce the costs of repairs.

Timely maintenance of your plumbing system is essential to extend its functionality and to prevent leaks and floods. If you have noticed problems in your plumbing fixtures, then it is time to hire skilled plumbers in Richmond, TX as they have experience.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing excels at identifying causes of various plumbing problems and provides long lasting and cost saving solutions. If you are thinking of installing the above-mentioned components in your house, then opt for the best plumbing services.

Our plumbers in Richmond are highly trained to install the cost saving plumbing components efficiently and inspect your plumbing system for possible problems. Hire our licensed plumbers in Richmond, TX today by dialing (281) 616-3978. We guarantee customer satisfaction and convenience!