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Everything You Need to Know About Installing a Water Filtration System in Sugar Land

Drinking water

You want to install a water filtration system in your home to improve your water quality, but you do not know the first thing about them. First, you will come across a diverse range of water filtration systems, which may make finding the perfect one for your home a little difficult. Second, you need to understand the importance of installing a water filtration system in your home.

As for who is going to install a water filtration system in Sugar Land, that you do not have to worry about, as finding the right professional and certified plumbers with the right advice are just a click away. Let’s get to the reasons then.

6 Reasons You Need to Install a Water Filtration System in Your Home

You need to install a water filtration system in Sugar Land for the following reasons:

  1. Tap water contains pesticides, chlorine, radioactive material, heavy metals, and more.
  2. Most areas add fluoride, which is a neurotoxin, to their drinking water.
  3. Tank and rain water contains E-coli and other pathogenic insects.
  4. Plastic tanks contain most rain water. The BPA, an endocrine disruptor, contaminates the stored water.
  5. Most rainwater samples taken in the United States contain glyphosate.
  6. Spring and/or well water contains nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals, petroleum byproducts, radioactive material, and animal waste and decay.

Now that you are aware of the reasons on why you should install a water filtration system in Sugar Land, we can move on to describing the various water filtration systems out there for you to choose from in the market.

5 Types of Water Filtration Systems You Can Install

If you are on the hunt for the perfect water filtration system in Sugar Land, you will find the following choices available in the market:

1.  Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Reverse osmosis (RO) water filtration system eliminates the neurotoxin fluoride from your tap water. A reverse osmosis water filtration system uses a membrane that allows only certain ions, molecules, and particles through the tap water and removes bacteria and contaminants from it.


  • Eliminates hard to filter arsenic and fluoride
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Choose from a countertop or under the sink option


  • Wastes a lot of water
  • Eliminates dissolved solids, including good minerals from tap water
  • Does not eliminate chemical, chlorine, drugs, and pesticides
  • Filter quality changes greatly depending on the manufacturer
  • Slow filter rates and normally needs a storage tank
  • May taste bland, as it removes all the minerals from the tap water
  • Will need to replace the membrane each year

Since there are several types of RO systems available from different manufacturers and you want to choose the best one, given you are going with this system, you need to get in touch with a professional plumber who can guide you about installing a water filtration system in Sugar Land.

2.  Ultra-Violet Water Filtration System

An ultra-violet (UV) water filtration system uses an ultraviolet light to eliminate bacteria and living microorganisms such as cysts and viruses from tap water. However, they do not remove particles or chemical contaminants from the tap water. An ultra-violet water system runs on electricity, using it to power UV bulbs.


  • Sterilizes and removes cysts, viruses, and pathogenic bacteria from tap water
  • Eliminates contaminants such as animal waste from groundwater and rainwater


  • Needs an electricity source to operate the bulb
  • Need to replace the bulb every 6 to 18 weeks
  • Does not eliminate metals and chemical from tap water
  • Needs clear water for best results

3.  Distilled Water Filtration System

A distilled water filtration system boils water to create water vapor. It cools and turns the water vapor into liquid and transfers it into a different chamber. It removes the solutes from the water, as they cannot vaporize.


  • Effective at eliminating contaminants and pathogenic bacteria from tap water
  • Inexpensive to buy
  • No need to replace the light bulb or filter


  • Time-consuming process and slow to filter tap water
  • Converts volatile organic chemicals into gases, which the filter cannot remove
  • Unable to remove chlorine from tap water
  • Creates demineralized water, which leaves the body dehydrated and low on minerals

You can get in touch with a certified plumber to help you with the installation of a water filtration system in Sugar Land.

4.  Carbon Water Filtration System

Carbon water filtration system bonds with contaminants when the water passes from the filter. The effectiveness of this filter depends on the type of technology and the quality of the material the manufacturer has used to create it. When you contact plumbing experts, you can ask them about buying this water filtration system in Sugar Land.


  • Effective in eliminating chlorine from tap water
  • Filters pesticides and VOCs
  • Drink good tasting tap water
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Lightweight and portable water filter system


  • Does not eliminate arsenic or fluoride and other types of metals for tap water
  • Does not eliminate nitrates from tap water
  • Quality of this water filter depends on the manufacturer
  • Need to replace filter from time to time

5.  Ion Exchange Water Filtration System

An ion-exchange water filtration system uses small, plastic microbeads that serve as a gateway of ion exchange. It traps the ions while it releases other ions. You can learn more about this type of water filtration system in Sugar Land from a plumbing company.


  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Great flow rate


  • High operating costs
  • Does not remove viruses and pathogenic bacteria from tap water
  • Microorganisms can connect to the resins, enabling rapid growth of bacteria

It is difficult to choose between the various water filter systems available on the market, which is why you need the assistance and expert advice of a professional plumber who can come for the installation of water filtration system in Sugar Land.

You can get in touch with Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg to send their certified plumbers to your home to install a water filtration system in Sugar Land.