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Drain Cleaning in Richmond: Hiring Real Professionals Means Getting the Job Done Right the First Time

A plumber working on a sink

If a drain gets clogged in your washroom or your kitchen, then it has the potential of turning into a bad nightmare, which nobody wants. And this holds particularly true if you have no idea how to go about draining cleaning in Richmond.

If you were to stop and think about the consequences of your drain ‘upchucking’ its contents all over your nice clean floor or even on your brand-new carpet, you will realize that even the term ‘nightmare’ is an understatement. And if you have recently installed a brand new carpet in your room, then you might have no choice but to throw it away.

But it does not always have to be this way, especially if you were to hire a really responsible outfit for drain cleaning in Richmond. These skilled professionals will easily take care of the problem. It does not matter if you are allergic to harsh scourging agents or can’t bear the acrid smell of acidic fumes, the experts at drain cleaning in Richmond will easily be able to handle the job at hand, without any fuss or bother.

For such true-blue professionals, the task is not particularly difficult due to the fact that they have a lot of experience in drain cleaning in Richmond. This means that they will make sure that your drains are unclogged and cleaned to your complete satisfaction in no time at all.

And what is more, these highly skilled and experienced specialists can undertake drain cleaning in Richmond without using any of those harmful chemicals that can create an adverse impact on the environment.

Here any DIY (do it yourself) measures are not the solution. This is because using a powerful acidic solution to unclog your drains can lead to some serious side effects. Not only can such chemicals permanently mar the enamel finish of your washroom, but they can also cause terrible injuries in case you come into contact what them.

Moreover, all professionals responsible for drain cleaning in Richmond will inform you that most of the chemicals used in opening up clogged kitchen sinks or toilet drains are a potent health hazard. This is why many professionals prefer to start with natural remedies and proceed to harsher ones only when they have exhausted all other alternatives.

However, if the drain is not completely clogged and there is no full-fledged cascading spillage, then the experts at drain cleaning in Richmond will probably opt for a fairly straight forward natural solution to your problem. Let us check out a few of the more common and easy to use remedies for drain cleaning in Richmond:

•  The Near Universal ‘Plunger’

The humble plunger is generally used as the first instrument of choice when it comes to unclogging a drain. This is why it is the standard staple of every outfit responsible for drain cleaning in Richmond. As a matter of fact, before trying any other remedy, the odds are that the pros will use the rubber plunger first to clear the drain.

This is the part where their innate professional experience comes into the picture. Ostensibly the plunger may not look like much, but there is a certain technique to it and if you mess it up, your drain will remain blocked.

Here, it is very important to understand that the rubber plunger will only work if the seal around the suction cup rim is perfect. Should there be any ingress of air, then it will not be able to produce the desired amount of suction that would be sufficient enough to unclog the drain.  However, the experts at drain cleaning in Richmond will know exactly how to use the plunger so that the pressure is both even and continuous throughout the rim of the plunger.

•  Using a Wire

Expert plumbers also bring high strength, low tensile wires with them. They use these wires to push and prod on the drain till the tightly packed rubbish in the clog is broken. Once that happens they will use copious amounts of really hot water to remove the bits and pieces of the blocking matter from the drain, leaving it completely clean. They will also stay and check to see that the water is flowing through the drain rapidly and evenly.

•  Using the White Vinegar and Baking Soda Method

Think of this method along the lines of a volcanic eruption. Basically, baking soda is an alkaline base, while white vinegar is a highly potent acid.  Both of these chemicals are completely opposite in terms of their chemical reaction. When you mix them together, it will automatically lead to a potent chemical reaction. Not only will it bubble upwards, but it will also eat through the clot. After that, your friendly neighborhood plumbers will run lots of hot water through the drain to flush out all other organic and inorganic matter so that your drains are completely clean.

•  Cleaning the Drain with Liquid Soap and Hot Water

This is perhaps the easiest way of cleaning a blocked drain. The plumbers will simply pour lots of liquid soap into the drain, allow it to get soaked into the clot and then pour a few liters of boiling hot water into the drain. They will continue doing so till the drain is perfectly clean.

•  Conclusion

Trying out any of these remedies on your own can easily prove to be counterproductive and can do more harm than good. This is why you should hire a highly professional outfit for the purpose of drain cleaning in Richmond.

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is one such top-notch outfit. You should consider logging on to their website, to effectively resolve all your drain cleaning issues in the Richmond area.