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7 Signs Your Garbage Disposal System Has Malfunctioned | Plumber in Sugar Land

An operational garbage disposal is a blessing for homeowners, helping to clean your pipes and sink and preventing the accumulation of waste in your drains. As a result, it minimizes the need for plumbing maintenance in your home.

However, you should know that there are times when your garbage disposal system can malfunction. The presence of these issues can heavily affect your washing, cooking, and other kitchen chores.

If you identify an issue in your garbage disposal, you will most certainly require the services of a plumber in Sugar Land. Sometimes, a mere repair job can suffice while at times you might have to completely replace your unit. Go through the following indicators and assess if your garbage disposal system shows similar issues.

1.  Unusual Noises

When you notice a silverware piece to accidentally enter in your disposal system, then you are certainly familiar with the incoming loud noise. Over the passage of time, you must have memorized all types of noises which your garbage disposal system makes. Do check if you hear a new noise, particularly if it sounds “metallic”. Shed some light from a torch or your smartphone and verify if it has swallowed a fork or a spoon.

In case, you are sure that the blades of the system are not disturbed by anything, then there is a possibility that the internal components of the system are misaligned. As a result, during the operation of the appliance, they grind against each other. To fix this issue, call a reliable plumber in Sugar Land who can easily fit this problem. Bear in mind that you should always take these noises seriously or else it can affect your disposal’s motor.

2.  Repeated Resets

How often do you have to reset your garbage disposal? The reset button is designed to be used sparingly for rare situations, for instance when there is too much clog. However, if you think that you are frequently resetting the disposal system, then it is certainly a bad sign.

There are a number of reasons for this behavior. Perhaps, your disposal system has completed its lifespan. Similarly, it is possible that the wiring of your garbage disposal requires some fixing. Either way, you will need a dependable plumber in Sugar Land to fix your system.

3.  Frequent Clogs

You are certainly aware of how to wash your food particles so they decompose into smaller pieces and pass through the drain in order to prevent a clog. However, if your system is continuously getting jammed, then perhaps your disposal system has become defective. Frequent clogs are caused due to two factors.

  • The garbage disposal system is just simply not capable enough to handle your workload. If you face this issue, then contact a plumber in Sugar Land and ask them to recommend a larger, more powerful system.
  • Sometimes, the clog is caused when an internal component of the system dies. In this case, call a plumber in Sugar Land and have them repair your system.

4.  Continuous Smell

Since a wide range of food particles go through the garbage disposal system, therefore it can produce an extremely nasty smell. This issue can be easily solved by cleaning or rinsing your system.

Sometimes, the odor never dies out and continues to stick out even after you wash the system multiple times. If you are faced with a similar conundrum, then utilize the services of a plumber in Sugar Land. A plumber in Sugar Land can inspect your system and is well-poised to determine whether there are trapped and hidden food particles in your system.

Some homeowners use chemical solutions to clean the disposal system. Be wary to avoid these solutions and consult a plumber in Sugar Land before using them. Keep in mind that many of these solutions are detrimental to the health of the blades and other internal components of the garbage disposal system.

5.  Substandard Performance

Most of the times, your garbage disposal system should easily finish jobs. Note the timing of your garbage disposal system and check whether it is taking too much time in the decomposition of the food articles. If it does take too much time then, then call for a plumber in Sugar Land who can either replace your blades or sharpen it.

Sometimes, the damage to the blades reaches a point where no repair can fix it and you have to purchase a new unit altogether.

6.  Leaks

In some cases, water manages to leak from those areas of the system which are responsible to connect it to your plumbing infrastructure. Consequently, pools of water are formed near the sink, floor, and cabinet of your kitchen. Sometimes, the source of this water can be a leak from other fixtures of your kitchen like the dishwasher or the sink. Therefore, make sure that the disposal system is the actual culprit and request the services of a credible plumber in Sugar Land to repair it.

7.  Power Dilemma

Sometimes, it becomes a real hassle to turn off the disposal system. At other times, it turns itself off at an unexpected time. Make sure that the connected circuit of your garbage disposal is intact. After you confirm that there is no issue with your electrical system, have your garbage disposal checked out by a professional. The primary source of these power problems in the declining operation of the disposal’s motor.

Final Thoughts

If you identified any of these issues in your garbage disposal system, then do not wait further. You must get hold of a reputable plumber in Sugar Land who can quickly fix your system. As such, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg, one of the prominent well-received plumbing companies in Texas. Our servicemen carry all the necessary accreditations, licenses, experience, and skills which can ensure that you get a top quality service.