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When to Replace a Bathtub | Plumbers in Katy

How much time would you say that you spend in your bathtub each week? Have you given any thought to replacing your existing bathtub? Read this article to know when to call for plumbers in Katy for a bathtub replacement.

Importance of Bathtubs

Bathtubs are an important bathroom feature in many American homes. It is a place which exudes serenity and calmness. For many homeowners, there’s no better feeling than enjoying a long bubble bath in a bathtub after a hard day’s work.

During their time in a bathtub, people often think about their most challenging career decisions, reflect on their attitude with their beloved ones, and get ideas for their educational assignments. Indeed, it is said that the most creative and successful ideas originate from the resting realms of a bathtub.

Some bathtubs have speakers that allow homeowners to listen to their favorite music while enjoying a bath. Similarly, they watch their favorite movies and TV series in the relaxing structure of the bathtubs. Additionally, a bathtub also offers the ideal place to read a book, enjoy some champagne, and contemplate on the complexities of life.

When to Replace a Bathtub

Since a bathtub is embedded so deeply in the lives of people and takes a considerable chunk of their routines, it is important to replace them at the right time or else your life can take a huge hit. Go through the following signs and check if your bathtub struggles from these issues. If you do find it, then you would have to look for the best plumbers in Katy for help.

• Mold and Mildew Grow

Mold and mildew belongs to the bacterial family. These foreign agents deface the look of a bathtub and damage its material. As a consequence, the value of your home decreases. However, this is not all. Mold is infamous for a bigger reason.

Mold is a big health risk. When mold breeds in an environment, it can seriously affect the health of your family members. If you have a family member who has respiratory issues, allergies, migraines, rashes, and similar health concerns, then mold can cause them to become ill.

Likewise, mold is especially threatening for the lives of asthmatic patients and can trigger an attack. What’s more worrying is that even if you avoid taking a bath in order to escape it and use a different bathroom, the mold can still spread in the atmosphere of your home and make matters difficult for you. Therefore, you should call for plumbers in Katy who can replace your bathtub and help you to maintain a healthy atmosphere in your home.

• Leakages Occur

The first sign of a leakage is enough to call for plumbers in Katy. It is not uncommon for bathtubs to develop leakages. These leaks are the actual catalysts that trigger the growth of mold or mildew. As mentioned above, the threat of a mold cannot be underestimated. Likewise, they can waste your water, an issue that results in hefty utility bills.

At first, you might think that a repair job can fix the leak. However, according to the professional plumbers in Katywhen a bathtub begins to leak once, then despite the repair job, it continues to leak. Identifying a leak is easy—you just need to see if there is a pool of water around your tub. Stand there for some time and see the level of water. If the water level rises or remains unchanged, then you might have to utilize the services of plumbers in Katy for your bathtub replacement.

• Irremovable Stains Appear

Are there any stains on your bathtub?

With the passage of time, you will experience different types of stains in your bathtub. Usually, they are easy to remove with little to no effort. However, sometimes the stain is irremovable and it can adversely affect the visual appeal of your bathtub.

If you’re planning to sell your home, the prospective buyers will likely check out each and every room in your house, even the bathroom. When it comes to the bathroom, there’s nothing that irks potential buyers more than dirty toilets and filthy bathtubs. Likewise, stains are a source of germs and bacteria. Therefore, the prospect of bathing in such a bathtub should terrify you, particularly if you’re concerned about the health of your family members. Hence, whenever you are unable to remove a stain, ask the plumbers in Katy for bathtub replacements.

• Measure Room to Fit Inside

Does your tall height make it awkward for you to lie down in your bathtub?

The elderly and injured individuals also find it hard to step inside and fit into a bathtub. In case you are experiencing difficulties in getting in and out of your bathtub, then you might have an accident and end up hurting yourself. To avoid such circumstances, consider utilizing the services of plumbers in Katy.

For those who struggle with mobility, there are tailored bathtub offerings like a walk-in-bathtub. These bathtubs are specifically designed for individuals who find it difficult to get into or out of regular bathtubs.

Final Thoughts

How many of the above-mentioned signs did you confirm? If you find one or more than one signs, then you should replace your bathtub immediately. However, to do this, you need the best plumbers in Katy, someone who you can trust to provide affordable and high-quality services. Hence, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg, one of the leading plumbing companies in Texas today.

Over the past few years, we have remodeled several bathrooms and helped homeowners troubleshoot quite a few bathroom issues. We employ some of the best local plumbers in Katy. Our plumbers have the required all the necessary licenses and accreditations. They are well-versed with the in and outs of the plumbing systems. Let our plumbers in Katy visit your home after which they can offer the best suggestions for your home.