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What's Down Your Drain? | Insight from Your Trusted Katy, TX Drain Cleaning Service

In Katy, TX, good quality drain cleaning service has never been more important. And with the amount of time people spend using water, whether its for washing, cooking, bathing, or drinking, the good team of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing of Houston is primed to serve the needs of customers in Katy, TX and other surrounding regions.

We are all too familiar with what could get stuck in your drain--food, grease, bath tissue, hair, and waste. And with more and more people using drain cleaning service in Katy, TXand other surrounding areas, the good plumbers of Benjamin Franklin of Houston, will always have your back and keep your needs in mind.

For kitchen sinks, a grease trap for grease, cooking oils, and other solids will serve to catch them before they go down into your drain. A removable grease trap will allow you the opportunity to remove the grease and possibly take it somewhere for recycling. But sometimes, you may forget to clean the trap and the oil seeps down into your drainage system, thus collecting into the walls of your drain pipes and eventually leading to a nasty, messy drain clog. That's when you know its time to call on the professionals to provide you the best in drain cleaning service.

The bathroom is one of the single, most frequented rooms in your home, other than the kitchen. With the bathroom, residents and guests alike will most likely be using the toilet and the sink, and sometimes the guest may use the shower or bathtub as well. We all know how relieved we might feel when those things are accessible to us, right there when we need them the most.

Yet you can only imagine the immediate horror you feel when you turn around to flush the toilet only to find that there is a massive tsunami of water rushing right onto your floor. This could send you flying straight for the towel rack, grabbing every bit of cloth you can to staunch that water before mopping up the mess. Or that you are getting ready for your evening soak in the bathtub only to find that the water still remains from the night before.

The common problem with shower drain clogs are two primary things: hair and soap scum build up. With hair, you may be able to remove some of it yourself, but calling a plumber is far more advisable. As with soap scum, things could get just a tiny bit trickier because much like oil and grease, it can collect and build along the walls of your pipes, thus resulting in a major clog in need of intense professional drain cleaning service.

There are two different types of drain cleaning service available to residents in Katy, TX and beyond: hydro jetting, and mechanical snaking. Both are highly useful and do not require the use of harmful chemicals that can sneak into your water supply long after treatment.

If you really want to get the best from your drain cleaning service, then hydro jetting is your better option. The way that hydro jetting works is that water is forcefully streamed into the clogged drain, thus clearing out any and all debris. This is typically done at 3,000 to 8,000 PSI, which can easily reach grease and other hard build ups within your drain system. Plus, the higher the water pressure, the better chance the plumber has of clearing out any hardened surfaces, such as tree roots and stumps, annoying weeds, and hard water and lime build up.

The good news about hydro jetting is that it is flexible enough to be used in any type of drain cleaning service regardless of your plumbing problems. In fact, hydro jetting is one of the most common tools available for use in many situations, especially for deep sewer drain cleaning service and more. The secret of its use is in the water pressure. With just enough PSI, you can easily blast out any type of hardened debris from any drain.

However, depending on the situation, you can use too much PSI in the water pressure, resulting in a burst pipe and causing even more damage than before. In fact, that is the only major downside of using hydro jetting techniques. The key is in the amount of water pressure you use and how fast the plumber uses it.

Some plumbing problems warrant the use of a mechanical snake, which is a flexible tool that is capable of reaching deep into a pipe and removing most of the gunk that is the primary source of your drainage woes. Plus, with this particular method, you can use it to clear out older pipes that might break in the event of too much water pressure during hydro jetting.

However, the greatest downside to using the mechanical snake is that it only treats the mere symptoms of your drain clog rather than getting right down to the source. In short, it is only the tip of the iceberg, especially with much newer piping systems that might be in place. The best thing for the plumber to do right before beginning drain cleaning service is to do a thorough check of your pipes to determine what age they might be. As part of the initial assessment phase, the plumber should not only inspect your pipes at a glance but should also be able to get down into them with a video camera to check for sediment, grease, and other build up along the walls of the pipe before determining a course of treatment.

Perhaps as part of the treatment plan for your drain cleaning service, you might consider asking your plumber if it might be possible to use a snake first, even with newer pipes. The snake may be able to get out the basic build up, and if you have newer pipes, you may be able to order hydro jetting treatment for your drain.

Whatever your concerns may be, the professional team at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing can help. You can find their number and make an appointment right from their homepage.