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What Your Plumbers Want You to Know: Why Do My Radiators Make Noise When My Boiler Starts Up? | Katy, TX

Do you have an old boiler system with steam radiators in your house? If you do then you've probably noticed that every time the boiler starts up you start hearing a whole lot of noise out of those radiators, right? Well, just what does that actually mean for you and what should you know about it? There are a few things that you should know about just what this actually means and what your plumbers would tell you about it.

First, you should know that the system you have is actually likely quite efficient and you're probably getting at least as much benefit from it as others are getting from more modern units. You're also going to have no reason to install a pump or anything else. But, you're going to start noticing some noises that might be getting a bit annoying. So maybe you've asked your local plumbers about what you should do or you've started thinking about replacing it because of that annoying noise. It's definitely not conducive to anything you want to do around your house.

When you are using a boiler and a radiator system what's supposed to happen is the boiler heats up and releases steam, which flows into the radiator. That radiator has a vent on the side that actually hisses slightly as the steam gets in there (this is kind of similar to what happens with a teakettle only not quite so loud and noisy). Then, your radiator will get filled and the air vent will actually close off. This means that the steam is trapped in the radiator and it starts to give off a lot of heat. From there, the heat is released through the radiator and into the room itself.

As the steam gets too cool to release any more heat the whole process starts up again and you end up with the same sounds and the same process. The water that forms as the steam cools down is then released and sent back down through the boiler so that it can be heated up again. But what happens when things aren't working quite so efficiently? What happens when you're not getting all that steam in the right way or something malfunctions in the process?

The Problems that Happen

Well, what you should know, and what your plumbers will tell you, is that your radiator can actually be tilted in the wrong way. When this happens it means that water can't get out of the radiator and back down into the boiler. Instead, when the new steam pushes in it actually attempts to push the water out. And when that water hits the valves, plumbing fittings or anything else inside the radiator it results in that knocking sound that you hear frequently. If you're noticing this sound it means that you need to make sure that the water is draining out of your radiator properly. Calling local plumbers will get this taken care of for you.

Another problem is that you could end up with squeaking or whistling sounds (even closer to that tea kettle we mentioned earlier). These mean that you're not getting the air out of the radiator and it's becoming trapped behind the vent. As a result, the air is trying to push its way against the flap of the vent and this causes that whistling. But if you get a new air vent you'll be able to resolve this problem and relieve the whistling and the squeaking that's probably driving you crazy.

Finally, you could have any number of random noises that happen as the boiler is heating up because you end up with different types of air and water bubbles in your radiator. As they work their way through the system they can cause clicking or popping or minor other sounds. When that happens, you're going to notice it, but it doesn't have to be as big of a hassle as you might think. Instead, you can just sit back and wait knowing that this means your radiator is getting ready to give you more warm air.

What You Need to Know

Plumbers will tell you that there are some things you can fix when it comes to your radiator noises and there are some things that you will just have to deal with. If you notice that your radiator is making a lot of noise then it's likely something that can be fixed. In that case, you could call your local plumbers in Katy, TX and see what they can do to take care of the problem. They'll be able to adjust the radiator or work on the boiler to make sure the problem is resolved.

If you have a quieter noise then chances are it's not something as serious. That doesn't mean that nothing can be done about it and if you call the local plumbers you may find that there is something they can do to help the problem. In that case, you'll be able to reduce the level of annoyance that you're experiencing and you'll be able to make sure that you're really enjoying the way that your radiator works without having to listen to those annoying sounds.

There's no reason that you have to deal with a lot of noise and nuisance in your Katy, TX home. Instead, make sure that you're calling your local plumbers and seeing just what they can do to help you out. You might be surprised what you've been dealing with all of this time that you really didn't need to. Or you may be surprised just what those sounds actually mean for your system. While most sounds aren't actually going to hurt anything, you could actually have something going on in your radiator that needs to be taken care of by Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, local plumbers. In that case, you're going to be glad that you called those plumbers to get it taken care of right away.