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Telling Signs of a Drain Emergency | Insight from Your Trusted Katy, TX Plumbers

Benjamin Franklin Plumbing is an expert in all things drainage. No matter the problem you are facing, our team of plumbers are available to come to your rescue. We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to fix any drainage issues occurring in your home. But how do you know if your drain needs fixing in the first place?

A sewer line clog might remain unseen, but it can cause extensive damage inside your property if left unchecked. The average homeowner only knows that sewers are used to transport waste materials from his or her property to underground sewer mains. Beyond that, only plumbers give little thought to drain, unless some clog appears.

A sewer line clog could lead to raw sewage coming back from the drains. This process can lead to a massive sewer line replacement, not to mention the various health hazards associated with this type of blockage. Property owners in Katy, TX, who respond to the many warning signs of faulty drainage systems, tend to save more money and steer off serious plumbing issues.

Although it may take a while for the blockage to build up and become visible. However, once the problem starts, it takes its toll very quickly. Therefore, to avoid any fatalities, Benjamin Franklin Drainage provides you with the main signs of a drainage emergency. They include:

Slow flowing water

This sign is the most apparent and most ignored sign that your drainage needs a quick fix. Many homeowners assume that the problem will go away if left alone. However, slow-moving water hardly fixes itself. Naturally, water is supposed to go down your sink as fast as it arrives. If you find water moving slowly, it is an indication that there may be another underlying issue in your drainage system. It could be a broken pipe or a blockage.

If left unchecked, the blockage or pipe will lead to a flood or spew dirty water all over your home's interior. Therefore, it is wise to call Benjamin Franklin's plumbers to help you fix the issue before it is too late.

Bad Odors

Another noticeable sign of a drain emergency is terrible odors coming from the drains. Foul smells are a dead giveaway that you have a blocked drain that has stagnant water or decomposing materials. These odors occur because of blocked drains mainly in the kitchen, bathroom, toilet, or shower drains.

The bad smell might be an early sign before the visual symptoms occur. If you start to smell anything funny, do not ignore it. Give us a call, and our plumbers will be there in no time to fix your drainage issues.

Unusual Sounds

Drainage emergencies, as discussed earlier, can be seen through various signs and one of these signs is hearing strange sounds. Gurgling noises coming from the drains, plugholes, or the toilet flush are an indication that there is air trapped inside your drainage.

Debris in the drains is a leading cause of trapped air in your drains. This debris can be a buildup of soap, food, grease or oil in your pipes. As the drain does its regular duties, it pushes water and air around the debris blocking your pipes. This process causes the unusual sounds in your pipes late at night.

If you notice any weird noises emanating from your pipes, make sure to give us a call. Our plumbers are always ready to help you with any plumbing needs.

Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are a common occurrence in many Katy, TX, homesteads. If you find that one of your pipes has burst, the first thing you need to do before calling our plumbers is to turn off the water at the stop tap and your boiler immediately. Next, you should drain all the taps in the house to remove all the water stored within. This process ensures that no water will flood into your home.

Finally, yet importantly, call one of our plumbers to assess and repair the damages incurred by the burst pipes. If any pipes burst near any electrical wires, it is advisable to switch off all the power from the main switch and wait for the professionals to arrive. Our plumbers are experienced in any plumbing emergency issues that may arise. With years of training, they will get your plumbing system running like clockwork in no time.

Low Water Pressure

Water pressure is essential for the correct functioning of your drainage system. Low water pressure can be as a result of a burst pipe in your Katy, TX, area due to repair works being done. On the other hand, it could be a sign of a broken drainpipe, which can result from draining overflows, collapse or total breakdown.

Since low water pressure can be an indication of more problems, you should call one of our plumbers to avoid serious problems.

Waterlogged Lawns and Vegetation Growing Near the Sewer Line

As a homeowner in Katy, TX, you can easily spot the last sign of a struggling drainage outside your house. If you find your lawn is waterlogged and plants are growing near the sewer line, this is a sign that your drainage system has leaked or collapsed. These two signs are an indication of severe blockage is hindering your drains correct working.

What Is the Next Step?

All the above points are common signs that your drainage needs maintenance or repair at some point in time. However, if you experience any of these sign, there is no need to panic. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing has specialized in drain repair and maintenance services in Katy, TX, for many years.

Our professional plumbers are available to you 24 hours a day in case any issues occur unexpectedly. You can give us a call to ask for advice, answer any questions, or assess the damage done by any plumbing problem that may arise. We are dedicated to offering practical and fast emergency assistance to customers around your area at the best price.

So what are you waiting for friend? Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing today to get a quotation.