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How to Prevent Floor Drain Issues | Insight from Your Trusted Richmond, TX Drain Cleaning Service Provider

Most people are aware that they need to properly maintain the plumbing in their house or run the risk of waking up to no hot water or a burst pipe. However, for some reason, people tend to forget about their floor drain until they need an emergency drain cleaning service. You don't have to wait until you have a smelly mess in the basement to notice your floor drain. Regular floor drain maintenance can actually help prevent clogs and it can be as easy as finding a good drain cleaning service in Richmond, TX.

What Is a Floor Drain?

If you haven't had issues with your floor drain in the past, you may not even know what it is. Most likely your floor drain is located in the basement, laundry room, or even sometimes driveways if you have an older home. Floor drains are flush with the flooring and are installed to reduce the risk of flooding. Should there be an overflow of water in the house, the floor drain is intended to drain it. However, if you rarely have flooding issues, then the first time you will notice your flood drain is when it backs up. At this point, you will be in drastic need of a drain cleaning service in Richmond, TX.

Why Does the Floor Drain Backup?

The floor drain is usually the lowest drain in your house, and it is connected straight to your sewage system. Therefore, whenever there is a clog in your home whether it is outside in the sewage piping or indoors in a sink, the backup water is forced back through the lowest pipe in the house. This results in the floor drain flooding out. Due to the clog, the water will not recede until you call in a professional drain cleaning service.

How to Prevent Floor Drain Issues

Now that you know about your floor drain, you may want to familiarize yourself with a few simple maintenance tips that can keep your system emptying regularly. Most of these tips are easily completed on your own, but if you ever have any questions or concerns you should always consult an expert with a professional drain cleaning service in Richmond, TX.

In addition, your local drainage service likely offers a regular maintenance package that involves cleaning your drains and checking the pipes for any issues. This is a much more thorough maintenance plan for your floor drain and can help prevent any major issues from occurring in the first place. It is recommended that homeowners with floor drains that have clogging issues consult with a drain cleaning service to ensure that their homes stay flood-free.

Check in On Your Traps and Tap Them Off Frequently

Floor drains inside your home are designed to accommodate overflow from every direction in your home. They can take the extra flow from toilets, sinks, water heaters, washing machines, tubs, and more. Outdoor floor drains are designed to move water away from the surface quickly before it can cause any damage. These may be located at the bottom of your driveway or garage. Either way, you don't want water sitting in large copious amounts around your garage or home foundation as it can eventually cause damage. Regardless of which types of floor drains are at your home, they are designed to divert water to a sewer system so that your home or foundation does not sustain water damage.

Each floor drain has a trap that helps them succeed in doing so. The trap prevents odors and gases from the sewage from drifting out of the drain and into your home. Often this very odor is the first thing you notice before flooding occurs. If you notice the odor, it is a good chance that the traps are not filled correctly.

You can remedy this issue by filling the traps with a gallon of water on a regular basis. You want to put the water down the floor drain in a slow and even manner. The idea is that the water fills the trap which then forms a barrier between the sewer system and the inside of your home. If you do this and the odor still persists, then it is time to seek help from a professional drain cleaning service.

Promptly Clear Out Any Clogs

There are many different types of debris that can accumulate in your floor drain over time eventually leading to a clog. From pet hair to dust to lint from your dryer screen, eventually drains will clog simply because of inattention.

The first thing you will notice if your floor drain is starting to get clogged is that it will drain slowly. If you notice the drain slowly draining you want to promptly call in a drain cleaning service in Richmond, TX. The quicker you troubleshoot the problem the more you reduce the risk of flooding. If the clog is new, then a few plunger pumps may be enough, but many times the clog will reach deeper than what you can reach. The good news is this a very simple procedure for a drainage service to remedy.

Clean Your Drains on a Regular Basis

Cleaning your drains on a regular basis is the best way you can prevent any future clogs from becoming an issue. At least once a season make sure you check your floor drains for debris and clear it away. All it takes is some attention to prevent any clogs from forming in the first place. If you haven't had a drain cleaning at all in the last few years, then call Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, your local drain cleaning service to get you started off on the right track.