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When Do You Need a Gas Line Repair | Plumber in Sugar Land, TX

A home is one’s most prized possession. Therefore, we try to take the best care of it that we can to maintain it as a new home. To do so, one must ensure the timely maintenance of water pipes, electric wires, gas lines, and HVAC system.

We use a variety of appliances in our homes. Most of them are either directly connected with electricity or gas lines. For example, you may have a stove, furnace or water heater connected with a gas line in your home. You should take proper care of your home’s gas line. To ensure its proper maintenance and timely repair, call a professional plumber in Sugar Land, TX. 

The most common gas used at homes is natural gas. Its pipes are usually installed underground by a professional plumber in Sugar Land, TX. However, problems can occur in this gas line over time. The problems can result in some serious consequences and to avoid it, you should get gas line repair in Sugar Land, TX.

Natural gas is cost-effective. Therefore, as a homeowner, you might prefer using it for your appliances. It is indeed an excellent choice. It is also considered relatively safe. But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t keep an eye on the warning signs. The following points are the warning indicators of a gas leak that you should not ignore.

1.   High Gas Line Bill

Checking your gas line bill every month is a good practice. You can find if something’s fishy with the sudden rise or dip in the bill. If you haven’t increased your usage, then try to find out the reason behind this shift or changes in the bill.

Gas companies also keep a check on bills based on average monthly usage. Furthermore, they may schedule service on their own if there’s a significant difference. However, if the company doesn’t schedule a service then, you should give them a call and ask them to have a look. Other than this, you may also call a professional skilled plumber in Sugar land, TX to find out gas leaks in your home.

2.   Gas Appliances Functionality Issue

Often the gas line is used for stove, furnace and water heater. A leaking gas line can wreak havoc on expensive appliances in your home. Moreover, these appliances may stop working properly. For instance, if your water heater isn’t functioning properly and you get cold water every morning then you must check the gas line of the water heater.

It can help to detect the gas line leak quickly. Furthermore, if you notice all or most of the appliances that use gas lines are not functional then turn them off. Go and see your gas meter; does it still show that gas is being consumed? If yes, then there’s a confirm gas leak in your home. A plumber in Sugar Land, TX can help you and repair the gas leak of your home.

3.   A Rotten Egg Smell

It is the most common sign of a gas leak. A foul smell like a rotten egg indicates a gas leak. Basically, natural gas has its own smell, but companies add Mercaptan in it to give it a distinctive smell. That distinctive smell is like a rotten egg. It is added purposefully by the companies so that a gas leak can be easily detected.

But here one important point to mention is that you may find a similar smell in your home if you dispose of the trash near your meter. However, if that’s not the case, call a professional plumber in Sugar Land, TX immediately.

4.   Weird Noise

The hose of the gas line can get pinched causing gas line leaks in your home. If you hear a hissing sound near your gas line, then it is probably an indication of a substantial leak. You may also hear a similar hissing sound near your air conditioner or refrigerator, indicating a non-working compressor, a leaking refrigerant line or a leaking valve.

However, don’t take this issue lightly and call a plumber in Sugar Land, TX right away. Even a faint rotten egg odor should be reported. Let the plumber make a thorough assessment.

A larger gas leak or line break has a different noise. It sounds like a loud roaring noise and is easy to detect. But it may cause huge damage to your property and environment.

5.   Dead Plants

Your garden’s wellbeing reflects your house’s internal systems. It can tell what’s going wrong. The exterior of your home indicates the health of your internal home. For instance, wet damp grass in your yard indicates a water leak issue in your home.

Similarly, if you start noticing dead plants outside or inside your home, it may mean you need a gas line repair. The gas line runs underground from the main road to inside your home from the front yard. Therefore, it typically indicates the leak quickly. In such a situation, you should water your plants and if there’s an unexplained bubble formation, then there’s definitely a gas leak. Call your gas line company or a professional plumber in Sugar land, TX and get it fixed without any delay.

These above-mentioned five points can tell you when you need a gas line repair in your home. Be vigilant and keep an eye on these signs to avoid major troubles.

A small gas leak can go unnoticed for some time. However, it will have a harmful effect on your health. Gas leaks are dangerous for your health for several reasons. It can cause headaches, nausea, breathing problems, fatigue, skin issues, throat infection, and dizziness.

A gas leak increases the risk of fire and explosions. It should not be left unattended. You should not try to fix the issue yourself. Instead, call a professional plumber in Sugar Land, TX immediately by calling at (281) 616-3978 for gas line repair. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg provides skilled, professional and punctual plumbers to solve all your plumbing issues. Try it once!