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Top Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Toilet and How a Plumber in Can Help

Most homeowners don’t know what to look for when buying new toilets for their homes. Nowadays, each shop has countless types of toilets. There are also unique styles and features to choose from. Regardless of how small or big the size your bathroom is, it is possible to find a toilet that fits your needs.

Aside from being a mandatory part of your house, the toilet can also be an attractive addition to the design of your bathroom. Therefore, when a homeowner in Richmond considers redoing their bathroom design, they should never forget about upgrading the style of their toilets.

In this article, we discuss different types of toilets and what features make them different from each other. We also explain why it is better to consult a plumber before purchasing a toilet for your home.

Buying a Toilet: Features & Options

Before going out to buy a toilet, you need to prioritize what you want from the toilet and which features mean the most to you. A plumber can guide you, but cannot make that choice for you. Instead, you have to choose according to your preferences.

The expectations of people from their toilets can vary from person to person. Some people want a toilet that uses a minimum amount of water, while others prefer a unit that has greater flushing power.

On other occasions, people give importance to the height of the unit and consider it a vital feature before finalizing which toilet is perfect of them. Therefore, we have outlined several key factors below that can help you buy a toilet that is suitable for you. However, asking a plumber for advice is still the best option.

Water-Saving Toilets

In the early days, people were accustomed to toilets that used up to 3.5 gallons of water in a single flush. As a result, every flush wasted an unwarranted amount of water. However, with time, people realized the importance of water conservation and started buying units that use less water. Furthermore, the EPA enforced companies to produce units that use 1.6 gallons per flush.

Nowadays, people have become even more environmentally conscious and understand the importance of conserving water. This is why some companies now manufacture high-efficiency toilets. These advanced units function differently, have two kinds of flushing modes, and only use 1.28 gallons per flush.

The flexibility in these units allows homeowners to use water according to their needs. Still, consulting a plumber is important. Depending on the condition of your plumbing system, this reduced amount of water might not be sufficient in disposing of waste efficiently.


Usually, standard-sized toilets are around 14 to 15 inches high. However, certain companies market their “comfort height” Toilets, which are as high as 17 to 19 inches and are ideal for people who are tall in stature. This is why many people consider them easier to use and more comfortable.

However, when buying a toilet for your home, you need to consider its compatibility with the heights of other people in the house. For instance, if a family member uses a wheelchair or if you have children in your home, a ‘comfort high’ toilet might not be the best option. Therefore, it’s important to have a chat with a plumber before deciding which unit is the most suitable.

Flush Power

We all understand that flushing more than once wastes an unnecessary amount of water. To deal with this problem, many people prefer toilets that have a high flush power. A toilet with a strong flushing power can flush out waste more efficiently.

However, homeowners in the Richmond, TX area have the option to buy either a toilet with dual flush power, or one with high flush power. Dual flush powered toilets, are multi-functional and have two separate buttons next to each other. Users can press either of the two depending on their needs. One of them has high pressure (which uses more water) and the other flushes with low intensity.


Toilets have a number of different flushing options. Traditionally, all toilets had flushing levers that released water with the help of internal seals. However, these days, flushing buttons are common among new toilet models. Many countries around the world have buttons as the standard flushing option for toilets.

The reason why these people prefer toilets with buttons is that they are easier to fix and clean. However, these units are also more expensive than traditional toilets. Moreover, since toilets buttons are placed at a specific height, it makes it harder for children to use them.

Regardless, these units are more favorable because they have features like dual flush power. Such features are instrumental in saving water. As a result, these toilets can cover up costs through water-saving even if they are a little expensive in the beginning.

A plumber will have relevant knowledge about all toilet units. Therefore, it is ideal to consult them for choosing the most appropriate option.

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