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How a Plumber Can Use Video Inspection for Identifying Problems in Your Plumbing System

Many people struggle with determining why their plumbing system is not working as well as it should. However, that’s understandable. Most of the plumbing system is fitted out of sight, hidden beneath floorboards and inside walls. Therefore, most homeowners in Katy scratch their heads whenever they have to bear through a plumbing problem.

One of the best ways to determine the cause of a plumbing problem is through a video inspection. After finding out the reason behind a disturbance, the plumber can fix the issue immediately.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of scheduling a video inspection by a plumber in the Katy, TX area for your plumbing system. However, first, you need to understand what a video pipe inspection is.

What Is a Video Pipe Inspection?

In a video pipe inspection, a plumber inserts a camera inside the pipes in your home’s plumbing system. This helps them get a clearer view of the plumbing system.

The camera is propelled by a set of wheels, and it moves through the entire plumbing system while searching for any signs of damage and deterioration. It not only captures several images of the plumbing system but also transmits them through a cord to a plumber who’s operating it.

This helps them determine all the major issues inside the system and figure out what kind of repair would be the best. By contacting a professional for a video inspection of your sewer and/or plumbing system, you can efficiently resolve all the plumbing problems.

What Are the Common Problems You Can Uncover Through a Video Pipe Inspection?

If you do not consult a plumber regarding regular plumbing system maintenance for your home in Katy, TX, you can experience the following problems. However, the majority of these issues develop over time, but a regular checkup allows a them to catch them before they worsen:

Damage to Seals or Joint Issues

The plumbercan get a close-up view of the pipe and joints with the help of a video camera inspection. Besides that, a video inspection can be extremely helpful in evaluating the condition of the seals fixed at connections and joints. Therefore, it is fundamental to the repair work of any plumber.

Broken and Cracked Drain Pipes

Shifts or changes in the ground can notoriously damage, crack and break drain pipes. This kind of damage can cause recurring water and sewage leaks in your home’s plumbing systems. If the pipes in your home have to bear physical damage from ground changes, there is little chance that your sewage and drainage systems will work properly.

Growth of Tree Roots

Tree roots usually spread inside the ground where it is impossible to see how far they have reached. However, these roots growing inside the ground pierce drains, cause water leaks, and irrevocably damage the plumbing system.

If this is the case in your backyard and you don’t call a plumber, the roots can break the pipes. Eventually, homeowners would have to replace the pipes completely. For this reason, you should not waste time when you notice low water flow from your taps and get in touch with a professional immediately.

Blocked and Clogged Drains

Blocked or clogged drains slowly lessen the flow of water in your home. In the worst cases, they can completely restrict it. Blockages occur when some material gradually accumulates inside the drain pipes. This material can be anything that you send down your toilets and sinks. However, most often, it is the garbage you dump in your kitchen sink that causes the drains to clog.

Pouring corrosive chemical cleaners down the drain to unclog them can worsen the problem further, especially if you use these chemicals several times a week.

The problem with most chemical cleaners is that they stick to the sides of the pipes. These chemicals corrode the pipe over time. Here are four compelling signs that show that your drain pipes are either blocked or clogged:

  • One, or more than one, plumbing fixture is clogged.
  • While using your plumbing fixtures, you may witness these fixtures reacting differently. Homeowners might hear a gurgling sound after using their sink or toilet and see water rising instead of draining.
  • You may smell a strange and horrible odor rising from the water being displaced.
  • The washing machine in your home backs up water into your shower, sinks, or tub.

Older Homes

People who live in a home that is older than 14 years can experience several problems with their plumbing system. Therefore, if your home is more than 14 years old, you should consult an experienced and certified plumber for routine maintenance. A video inspection of the plumbing system can help make sure that everything is as it’s supposed to be.

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