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Common Plumbing Red Flags You Should Look out for | from Your Sugar Land, TX Plumber

A picture of a plumber unclogging a sink

A plumbing woe left unattended can turn into a plumbing catastrophe at any moment in time of its choosing and catch you off guard. It can cost you greatly in the form of extra-large repair bills and the ugly mess that it brings along. It is, therefore, best that you keep the plumbing system of your house well-maintained. Following little steps such as avoiding dumping materials down the drain that do not belong there, guaranteeing timely maintenance(at least once a year), etc. can really make a difference. Looking out for plumbing red flags and dealing with them in a timely manner will avert a potential plumbing disaster later and keep you from the inconvenience and the giant bills.

Furthermore, staying mindful of the plumbing red flags will prompt you to acquire the timely services of a professional plumber in the Sugar Land, TX area. This will also save you the over financial costs in overcharged bills from undetected or unattended leakages as well as the water damage that the property would continue to sustain from the unnoticed leakages or plumbing woes.

If you want your plumbing system to work seamlessly and smoothly, you must stay vigilant of the common plumbing red flags and ensure timely maintenance by acquiring a professional. Below are the red flags that you should not ignore.

Dripping Faucet

This one tops our list. This is probably a common occurrence and may even be ignored despite being right in front of your eyes. The constant dripping can be seriously annoying at times and lucky for you, this one can be easily fixed as well. The first step is to figure out whether the source of the dripping is the cold water tap or the hot water one. Whichever one you decide it is, simply take the handles out and tighten the bolts of that particular tap.

However, at times this may not seem to stop the annoying dripping. That’s when it is actually the washer that is acting up and the not the loose bolts. It’s not a big issue. Just call any professional plumber and they’ll be able to take care of the issue for you easily.

Blocked Bathroom Drain

A blocked drain is another common one. The bathroom drain catches all the hair, the grease build-up from shampoos, soaps and conditioners, and all the dirt and the debris which leads to the drain being clogged. This is quite a common occurrence but is often ignored by many households. It shouldn’t be. A simple snake trick can solve the issue and unclogs the drain in no time.

However, some go all mad scientist on a clogged drain and use the most corrosive of drain cleaners on the market which only harm the pipes and cause leaks later. It is best that you don’t use any such harsh materials. Simply call on your designated plumber to look into the problem for you and provide the appropriate solution.

Slow Draining Kitchen Sink

The kitchen sink can be a home for plumbing nuisances.  A lot of food waste such as bones and peels and leftovers are forced down the drain. These are materials that clearly don’t belong down there as they are difficult to be crushed by the drain. Naturally then, the result is choked pipes and clogged lines. The issue can take a potentially ugly turn in case you have a double bowl sink joined to the garbage disposal. In this case, it could be either the trap that is choked or the grease buildup that is causing the kitchen sink to be draining annoyingly slow. Don’t just make peace with a slow draining sink; call any professional to sort this one out for you.

Faucet Water Running Red

When you see red water gushing out of your faucet, you should be alarmed. This indicates that your plumbing pipes are old and rusty and prone to damage and leaks. This is not one of your DIY jobs, so you better keep your hands off of this one and immediately seek the services of a professional plumber in the Sugar Land, TX area.

Running Toilets

This is one common red flag that is often ignored as it seems harmless. However, a running toilet continues to waste your water supply 24/7, and it may not seem like a lot of water initially, but it can cost you hundreds of dollars extra in overcharged bills over the course of a year. Another issue that you seem to ignore is that a running toilet means that the toilet is never full when you need it to be.

It’s most likely the flapper which is not working the way it should, or what we call a fill valve malfunctioning, in pure plumbing terms. It shouldn’t take long to be fixed, so don’t hesitate and call your designated plumber to fix it right away.

Slow Water in the Sink and Shower

A slower flow of water through the shower or the faucets on the sinks generally indicates that there is a pipe burst somewhere along the plumbing system. You just don’t know it yet. It shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if the water flow has been slow across all the showers and sinks in your house.

You should be quick to call the right plumber,to look into this issue. In the meanwhile, you should shut off the main valve to cut the water supply so the leakage and the damage can be minimized.

To conclude, keep a watchful eye out for all the above-mentioned red flags that should prompt you to acquire the services of a professional plumber in the Sugar Land, TX area. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg, with its 5 star Google reviews, 24/7 emergency services, and a long list of satisfied customers, is definitely that plumber the Sugar Land, TX area that you’re looking for.If you’ve ever experienced any of the aforementioned issues at your house or require any other plumbing assistance, try our impeccable plumbing services.