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7 Signs That Indicate You Have a Plumbing Emergency | Rosenberg, TX

Did you know that a minor plumbing issue can turn into a major problem? Are you worried that you may have a plumbing emergency?

This article will find out the answers to these questions. Let’s look at the 7 signs that indicate something’s wrong and you need to call for a plumber right away!

1.  Critical Leakage

A critical leakage can be identified by the rust gathered around the pipes or the inlet. Whether it is your water heater or a sewer pipe, even a minor but persistent leakage is a sign that you can face a flooding issue without a warning.

2.  Backyard Spill

Do you notice small puddles appearing in your backyard or lawn?  This could be a sign that water from your main source is spilling. If you notice a foul smell, it is an indication that your sewer needs urgent repair. Any delay in ignoring these signs can result in a sudden burst of the pipes.

3.  Gas Leakage

Gas leak is perhaps one of the most dangerous situations to deal with. Never ignore any foul smell in your kitchen or near your heater and get your pipes fixed or replaced as early as possible.

4.  A Faulty Water Heater

If there is suddenly no warm water in your shower, it can be an indication that there’s a major issue with your water heater. Sometimes, a minor check on the heater can resolve your issue. However, it can also be a signal that there’s a serious issue with your water mixer which you need to look into immediately.

5.  Internal Leakage

If you see even a minor quantity of water spilling from your inlets when they are not in use, this may be a sign that you have an internal leak issue. This can be a serious problem because it may also indicate a leakage into your basement or your wall.

6.  Frozen Pipes

Frozen pipes indicate an emergency situation because they can block the supply of water to your entire house. Secondly, when the temperature goes up, the water dripping from these pipes can damage the drywall or the floor.

This is an adverse situation and requires that you replace all affected water pipes.

7.  A Blocked Drainage System

If you’re unable to unclog your drainage system with a minor effort, it indicates a troubling situation. A blocked drainage system can easily cause an unwanted backup of water that may even result in a flood.

Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency

If you have come across a plumbing emergency, it is important to be aware of the steps to deal with it. Let’s look at these, as follows.

1.  Assess the Level of Threat

Some situations require that you immediately get in touch with an official of a relevant department. It’s always best to get in touch with a professional even if you notice something minor. You can have them evaluate the situation to find out if there’s something more serious lurking behind a small leak.

2.  Shut Off the Main Water Supply

You should always know where the main source of water supply is so that you are able to shut it in case of an emergency. Remember that any delay in cutting off the main source can result into a flood-like situation.Sometimes shutting individual sources can also help deal with the issue.

3.  Stop the Spilling

Once you have shut the main supply, you can stop the rust or liquid from spilling by applying an adhesive tape on the leak. It is also important to drain the accumulated water to prevent property damage.

4.  Turn Off the Appliances

Turning off your water heater is advisable in case of a massive leakage or when you’re waiting for a plumber to arrive. This will help avoid any damage to your water heater.

The same goes in case of a gas leak; you should turn off the valve right away.

5.  Watch Out for the Flush

It is a common misconception that draining more and more water will unclog your toilet. Instead, it can in fact create a further blockage of your sewer pipes. However, unless there is a minor blockade, you will need to call in an experienced plumber forthwith.

More Remedial Measures

Once you are done dealing with the issue, remember these two basic steps to avert a major plumbing issue in future.

  1. In the aftermath of the issue, consider revamping your entire drainage and water systems in order to root out any remaining fault lines. To detect gas leakages, it is imperative that you install sensors and alarms.
  2. Maintain a regular schedule of checks on your systems to spot any problem on time. This makes regular visits of trained personnel necessary so that your system could be inspected properly.

Get in Touch with a Professional

It goes without saying that dealing with an emergency situation on your own can result in serious health hazards. Hence it is best to have the assistance of a qualified plumbing company in the Rosenberg, TX area. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg in the Rosenberg, TX area has experienced technicians to cater to all of your plumbing needs.

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Plumbing emergencies can be sudden and frightening and they require that you seek the assistance of a professional company. This will help you keep a regular check on all plumbing areas in the house. Remember, a timely move can help you avert a major disaster.