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Causes of Drain Cleaning in Sugar Land

The sight of a clogged drain is a perennial nightmare for homeowners. As soon as the drain blocks the water, an overflow is just a matter of time. Additionally, this issue can snowball into a larger conundrum if you do not hire a plumber for drain cleaning before it is too late. Repercussions of a clogged drain can include corrosion of pipes, sewage backup, and flooding.

The problem is further compounded when homeowners display naivety by following incorrect practices to combat clogged drains. For instance, some people use drain cleaning liquids to clear up their drains. For starters, you have to understand that these solutions are often unreliable. Sometimes, their use instead destructs the sewage systems and weakens the structure of pipes. Instead, you can pick a reliable professional for drain cleaning in Sugar Land. The following are some of the causes behind clogged drains.

Food Waste

How careful are you with the food waste that goes into your drains? Each food item comes with its own set of constituents—some of them are known for clogging drains. For instance, tea leaves and coffee beans are notorious in this aspect. Another usual suspect is an oil that can combine with other elements to create a nuisance for your household in the form of clogged drains. Therefore, hire a service for drain cleaning in Sugar Land who can inspect your home and identify the exact food particles that have been causing the mayhem.


Not many people are aware but no matter how innocuous hair seems, it can cause a clogged drain. During the trimming of bodily hair, hair is often sent down to the drains. However, too much hair accumulations may create a major obstruction in the water pipes.

According to professionals from drain cleaning in Sugar Land, hair has been one of the major reasons behind clogged drains in their plumbing careers. So, what to do now? It is not possible to avoid hair removal activities but with little caution and care, you can ensure that hair does not accumulate in your drains.

Storm Water

Do you occasionally find unusual objects in your drains? Floods and rainstorms may not only cause a power outage but they are also known for damaging the internal structures of residential properties—this includes drain as well. The flow of stormwater in your drain system comes along with a wide array of random parts and objects, for instance, a baby toy. Sometimes, an overflow in your home’s water source like sink can notify you about such breach. Regardless, if you spot any signs that confirm that your drain is clogged due to stormwater, look for dependable service for drain cleaning.

Trees and Plants

Several species of trees and plants come with invasive roots. Due to this reason, whenever a pipe has a crack or leaks, it gets attacked by trees or plants with invasive roots. At times, this process goes for ages and remains unidentified. Consequently, the sewage system takes a battering while the buildup in the pipes grows massively and inflicts a negative effect on the protective layers of the pipes.

Attempts to sever the link between trees/plants and pipe is quite complex; you need to have a thorough knowledge of all the plants and trees that in close proximity to your home. In order to get help in this predicament, hire certified experts for drain cleaning in Sugar Land.


Do you think there is a link between your clogged drains and social gatherings at your home? When too many people gather at a place for a few hours, a lot of toilet paper can be expected to go down the drains. However, its excess can form a clog, resulting in the need for drain cleaning in Sugar Land. Other than toilet papers, sanitary products, diapers, and nappies are some other items that can cause a clog dilemma for you.


Time and again, professionals from drain cleaning in Sugar Land have cautioned homeowners to understand the threat of grease—a recurrent cause of clogged drains. The grease impact is not instantly noticeable; first, it slowly builds up in the pipes and then suddenly obstructs the pipes. When a large amount of grease forms a blockage in the pipes, it is harder for water to pass into the pipes. As a consequence, expect low water pressure in your sinks and other water sources. For such a scenario, contact experts for drain cleaning in Sugar Land.

Worn-Out Pipes

Pipes in old homes were built from concrete and clay. When materials like soil come into contact with the drain, it increases the likelihood of a clogged drain as the soil can easily damage pipes. These pipes cannot hinder external objects and thus are considered too weak to withstand them. If you believe that an old pipe is causing clogs in your drain, then don’t be late and look for an expert for drain cleaning in Sugar Land who can inspect the states of your pipes and come up with an improved solution.

Inexperienced Plumbers

Inexperienced and uncertified plumbers quote lower fees and tempt homeowners to give them a shot. However, they lack the required skills to carry out the job. For instance, in some cases, plumbers for drain cleaning in Sugar Land have been found to install incorrect pipe type and incorrect pipe size. Therefore, always pick a top-quality plumber and don’t focus too much on costs.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are so many objects that can cause clogged drains in your home. With the passage of time, the clogs are only going to become more frequent. Therefore, eliminate the problem from start and look for a popular service for drain cleaning in Sugar Land. As such, you can contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg . We can solve all your drain cleaning issues in a jiffy.