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The Common Plumbing Issues Only Expert Plumbers in Katy Can Handle

Older green house with porch

People tend to cherish older homes for their character and charm, most of which were built with unique specifications. They were also constructed with materials that are ridiculously expensive in modern construction. For a lot of young people, who want to buy a new home, the best option is an old home that requires a little extra care, which can be managed by professional plumbers in Katy. That is the reason why so many people first-time home buyers prefer investing in older properties and homes.

However, these old houses have several problems that are concealed behind their plaster walls and fancy crown moldings. Most of these problems are only a minor inconvenience, but others can become ticking time bombs that cause can serious damage. Therefore, all potential homeowners should keep an eye on basic plumbing problems, which are common in homes that are more than a couple of decades old. The following plumbing issues can be easily handled by professional plumbers in Katy:

1.  Pipe Bellies

Pipes, which are installed underneath homes, encased in concrete slabs, or buried in the ground will be affected by the shifting and gradual movement of the house over time. If the pipe shifts downwards, it can create significant negative slopes, which are referred to as a ‘belly’ that restricts water flow and create pools with sediment or water. If pipe bellies are left unattended they can contribute to bigger leaks and blockages over time, which requires the expertise of plumbers in Katy.

2.  Old Pipe Materials

All homes that were built in the 1980’s can feature pipes made from materials, which aren’t approved any more by the US building codes. If the house has undergone renovation in the last decade, it is possible that some or most of these pipes have been replaced.

However, it is still recommended to inspect the plumbing of your home, to ensure that old pipe materials don’t clog your drains. There are three outdated types of pipes in older homes, which include:


Marketed as the ‘Pipe of the Future,’ polybutylene pipes were commonly used in homes in the 1970’s and 1980’s and were meant to replace copper lines. The manufacturers of the pipe faced a class action lawsuit alleging the pipes were defective, and they forced to pay out millions of dollars.

The manufacturers never acknowledged any defect, but oxidants in public water systems created a chemical reaction with plastic, causing it to flake, crack and become brittle. Polybutylene pipes were commonly used in mobile homes, but homes that were constructed in the 1980s and 1990s may also have these plastic pipes used somewhere. The US Building Codes recommends having your existing polybutylene pipes replaced by plumbers in Katy.


These pipes were popularly used for water lines in homes built in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The galvanized pipes are made from iron, and coated with a layer of zinc, but the zinc erodes, and leaves the pipe vulnerable to breakage and corrosion over time. These pipes can last for over 60 years, but most of them accumulate rust, and get clogged easily.

Old galvanized pipes can become brittle and break easily when they are being replaced or removed. This is the main reason why you should have your galvanized pipes replaced by professional plumbers in Katy to avoid any major plumbing problems in the future.


Lead is one of the oldest metals to be used in piping and has been used in water main lines and sewer lines for decades. However, that was before the development of blast furnaces which could produce casting iron. Lead was used extensively to join copper pipe fittings as well. However, lead is extremely toxic, and causes memory loss, fatigue, irritability, and joint and gastrointestinal pain.

It is danger for children, as it causes severe problems with their mental and physical development. The United States has restricted the use of lead since the 1920’s but hasn’t outright banned it completely at the national level, but that was until Congress amended the Safe Drinking Water Act in 1986. If your old home has lead pipes, get in touch with plumbers in Katy to have them replaced.

3.  Outdated Fixtures and Connections

Nothing in life lasts forever, as everything has a shelf-life on this planet. Most old homes tend to have supply line connections, fixtures, and faucets that are near the end of their lifespan. General wear and tear, and corrosion can also lead to water leaks, restricted water flow, and broken knobs, which can create an inconvenience or an expensive disaster in the house.

Most people tend to ignore the failing plumbing in their home, and only realize they have a problem when the main water supply line breaks down completely. No one wants to return to their home to find their home flooded by dirty water, which can lead to thousands in water damage. This is where you will require the services of professional plumbers in Katy.

4.  Failing Sewer Lines

No one thinks about their sewer lines, which are buried and out of sight, until their line fails and starts seeping sewage into ground or when they smell foul wastewater around their home. Sewer lines are heavily used and those installed in older homes didn’t have any modern applies, which meant that toilets forced more water through them. This makes them more vulnerable to failing, especially if there has been extensive remodeling.

5.  Bad Repairs

Older homes that haven’t been maintained for several years will develop plenty of plumbing problems. Every house requires repairs, and old homes will have had plenty of repairs done over the years, but the question isn’t “if” the house has had repairs, but “who” did the plumbing repairs. A lot of old homes had DIY repairs done by the homeowner or a handy man, instead of professional plumbers in Katy.

Acquiring the expertise of professional plumbers in Katy for old homes can be a tough job, but you shouldn’t try to fix plumbing issues by yourself. If you are looking for professional plumbers in Katy, Texas, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg today for a free consultation.