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Finding and Repairing Hidden Plumbing Leaks | Plumber in Katy, TX

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Leaky plumbing systems aren’t only a hassle to clean up, but can cause significant damage to your home. They can even cause your utility bill to increase exponentially. You can always rely on our plumbers in Katy, TX to locate leakages in homes, but you need to know how to locate these problems on your own too before it is too late.

This article is therefore going to look into how common water leaks in your home can be spotted before they rot your fixtures or cause expensive damage. Most of these damages can be spotted in your home’s toilets, sinks, showers and bathtubs.

Splash Leaks in Tubs and Showers

Splash leaks refer to water escaping past your shower door or curtain. Plumbers in Katy, TX have found that these are the most common type of leaks in homes. Even though they sound like minor problems they can cause some major damage when it comes to water seeping into the subfloor i.e. the floor that meets the tub or shower. If this happens, then you will notice that the flooring under or beside these fixtures will start to loosen. The worst case scenario here may be that if you have plywood flooring in your bathrooms, then these will begin to rot or delaminate.

Other signs of trouble include water stains on the joists below, mold spots on the floor or wall beside the tub or shower, or simply standing water outside the shower door or curtain. In order to look for the source of the leakage plumbers in Katy, TX, splash some water around the door or shower curtain frame to look for leaks. If the rubber gaskets on the door have some seeps, then you should visually look for gaps. If you can’t locate leaks here, then you should look for gaps at the caulk where the shower or tub meets the bathroom flooring.

Once the leakage has been detected, you should be swift to call your plumber in Katy, TX to save you from water damages or high utility bills.

Drain Leaks in Tubs and Showers

If this is your problem, then you will notice water sneaking out of the drain in the bath tub or the shower. This normally is the case in fiberglass tubs or plastic shower pans because these materials tend to flex a little when weight is placed on them. This will then result in the seal around the drain loosening or breaking completely. If you are facing this type of drain leak, then you can face rotten floor joists or mold on your bathroom floor in no time. In some cases, even the adjoining rooms face damage because of the leaks.

Plumbers in Katy, TX inspect for these types of leaks by partially filling the bath tub or running the shower and then releasing the water. When the drain plug has been pulled out, you should be on the lookout for leaks that occur below the access panel of the drain.

If you can’t get access to the underdrain, then you should simply look out for the puddle that forms outside your shower or bathtub. Simply mark the puddle with a shampoo bottle, and after releasing the drain plug, simply watch whether the puddle gets bigger or not. Once the drain leak has been spotted, you should call your plumber in Katy, TX to fix the problem as soon as possible.

Tile Leaks in Tubs and Showers

These types of leaks occur when water leaks out of deteriorating caulks or grouts and gets into the walls of your bathroom. The worst case scenario, in this case, can also tile falling off your walls – depending on the type of material used to hold the tiles in place. Other than this, some severe rotting can also occur on the tiles or wall frames.

In order to look for the source of this leakage, plumbers in Katy, TX visually examine the grouts, loose tiles or caulk joints of the fixtures. You can even look for signs of mildew or mold and this will most certainly be the source of the leakage. You can even open the access panel behind the shower or tub faucets in order to look for stains or dampness.

Once these symptoms of tile leakage have been spotted, you should call in your plumber in Katy, TX for swift repairs!

Toilet Flange Leaks

These icky leaks tend to appear where the waste pipe of your home meets your toilets. With every flush, these waste pipes help water to seep out. If they have leakages, then you could be facing significant property damages. These damages include rotten joints and subfloors, or wrecked bathroom flooring.

In order to look for the source of this leakage, you should only check the flange of the toilet. You should visually inspect whether the flange is level with the floor or slightly raised. Also check whether cracks have developed on them over time. Other than this, sometimes the bolts of the toilet flange may have loosened and need to be tightened.

There isn’t much you can do on your own if this is the type of leak you are facing. This is because sometimes a fix also requires opening the floor panel of the toilet – which we’re sure you would never want to do on your own. This is exactly why you should call your plumber in Katy, TX, to get the most effective fix and as soon as possible.

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