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Common Signs of Damaged Water Main Line When You Might Need Plumbers in Sugar Land

A broken water main line

Do you know what a water main line is? Have you ever considered that maybe your water main line is experiencing some problems?

What Is a Water Main Line?

A water main line is used to establish a connection of the public water supply to your home’s plumbing system. This means that, all the water which you use on a daily-basis relies on this line to smoothly carry and move water from the public supply to your home. However, it gets ignored partially due to its placement in the underground; you cannot see or touch it without getting yourself involved in digging.

Another reason that people are not well-aware of its function is the lack of basic plumbing knowledge. Now you do not know need to know the intricacies of plumbing but when your home’s supply of water is mainly dependent on an intermediary, then it would be better for your own sake to get yourself familiarize with it like what kind of issues it may face.

Why You Need to Be Serious About Your Water Main Line

The reason we are emphasizing about the importance of water main lines is that if they have any plumbing issue and you unable to get the best plumbers in Sugar Land to fix it; then you might have larger problems at your hands. Late attention to the matter may not generate bigger maintenance bills but they may also cause you to lose a considerable amount of time.

More importantly, it is not only your home which is at risk; the surrounding streets may also have an adverse impact, quickening their decline and slowly and gradually making them deteriorate to irreparable and dangerous limits. Hence, as a responsible citizen, you should be careful about the issue and always be on the guard.

Common Signs of Leak

The water main line maybe out of your sight but this does not mean that you cannot detect a leak in your water main line. There are a number of signs which can assist you in determining the state of your water main line. Whenever, you find any of these issues, a call to dependable plumbers in Sugar Land is enough to solve your issues.

Foul Smell

If there is an issue in your water main line, then sometimes the sewage and dirty stuff may not be able to be filtered out and may accumulate near the internal structure of your home. As a result, you may have to face a strong foul odor. Such smell may not only transpire in making you uneasy but your neighbors can also be inconvenienced. Similarly, friends, and family, may visit you and greet with uncomfortable face expressions, making for a series of pretty embarrassing moments. Hence, to avoid such humiliation, as soon as you notice any unfamiliar and foul smell, be quick and consult reputable plumbers in Sugar Land.

Formation of Water in the Street

Probably, one of the most obvious signs which can indicate an issue in your water main line is the sight of water on the nearby streets. Sometimes, when a pipe is broken, then the resulting leakage of water requires some passage to escape. This passage may lead it to the street. Hence, whenever you find any water near your street, it is recommended that you reach out well-known plumbers in Sugar Land to determine their source.

Presence of Water in the Yard

It is not necessary that the broken pipe in the water main line may have caused the water to accumulate on the streets. Sometimes, sudden puddles of water are created on the yard. These puddles of water could have been resulted due to a leak in the water main line. This newly-formed water may raise certain risks for your children, pets or anyone who likes to play near the yard. Hence, if you are unable to find a reason for water in your yard, then do the needful and hire acquire the services of reliable plumbers in Sugar Land.

Hefty Bills

Do you just pay your water bill without analyzing its contents? Have you compared your water usage with the billing charges?

Sometimes, homeowners get a sudden hike in their bills. Now, it is possible that the hike is justified. Often, the water usage in a home may increase due to change in seasons which means you may need to use more water. At other times, the number of individuals in your home using water may have increased; for instance when your relatives come around for summer vacations. Hence, in some cases rising bills are completely justified.

However, when there is no explanation or reason to warranty the anomaly, then you are advised to get opinion from respected plumbers in Sugar LandThese professionals maybe able to inspect the plumbing foundations of your home and may find the water main line as one of the culprits.

Ceilings and Drywall

You are probably unaware but a water main line leak carries enough substance to wreak havoc on the structure of your home. Observe for any wet rings on the ceilings and drywall of your home and identify any sign of wet rings on them. If you do find such elements, then consider it as a warning alarm. Hence, immediately call out for plumbers in Sugar Land.

Final Thoughts

Did you find any wet rings on your drywall? Perhaps, you have unaccounted water near your street and yard? Or maybe you are trying to demystify this month’s high water bill? There are good chances that the prime suspect turns out to be your broken water main line.

Therefore, you require quick assistance of the best plumbers in Sugar Land. Contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg at (281) 616-3978. Over the years, we have repaired several water main line problems and were able to neutralize the problem at the beginning, saving clients from heavy structural and financial damages. With having the most-all round and capable plumbers in Sugar Land, we provide highly quality services in affordable prices.