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7 Best Tips & Tricks for Plumbers in Sugar Land

The demand for reliable plumbers in Sugar Land is always at its peak. The homeowners in Sugar Land, a metropolitan area in Texas, often face plumbing issues for which professional plumbers are immediately required. Moreover, a lot of construction goes on in the city, requiring plumbing services too. All these situations keep plumbers in Sugar Land on their toes all day and night of the entire year.

Owing to their high-demand and worth, professional plumbers have insanely busy schedules. They get calls from different areas at different times and are required to deal with every client’s plumbing issue. Regardless of how tough or time-consuming a plumbing issue is, a plumber has to resolve the problem. Dealing with plumbing issues and then solving them help make the plumbers more efficient and experienced.

There are times, when a certain plumbing technique or plumbing issue gives a hard time to the plumber, consuming way more time and money than they have expected. In scenarios like these, there is no guarantee if things will turn out fine in the end. To help you out in times like these, we have assembled some valuable tips and tricks that every plumber must be aware of to get the job done in time, without any hassle or mistake.

1. Unable to Cut the Pipe? Heat Up the Solder

To disconnect a soldered pipe, plumbers in Sugar Land often cut the pipe. But at times, they are unable to do so. This happens due to two reasons. Either the plumber can’t fit the cutting tool in the available space or cutting the pipe would make it too short to be connected with another one.

Well-knowledgeable plumbers are of an opinion that in times like these, one should heat a soldered pipe’s joint and when the solder begins to heat, pull the pipe off by a slight force.

2. Fix the Shutoff Valve When Need Be

With time, shutoff valves, present under the sink and toilets, begin to rot. Due to this, they either won’t close properly or won’t close at all. Problematic valves often cause a lot of trouble when they need to be replaced. But the good part is that there is an alternative method to smoothly replace these valves.

The expert plumbers in Sugar Land recommend that plumbers should install a new valve by first disconnecting the supply line. But if the shutoff valve closes most of the way on its own, plumbers wouldn’t have to turn off the valve of the main water supply. Place a container under the valve that will help collect the trickling water while the plumber easily finishes his work.

3. Replace the Metal Drains with Plastic Ones

It is often believed that metal drain pipes are more appropriate for drain pipes. However, in reality, plastic pipes are way more suitable than metal drains. For starters, plastic drain pipes are cheaper and easier to install.

Also, they can be easily adjusted and tightened in case of a water leak. Unlike metal pipes, plastic pipes do not erode. Thus, when plumbers in Sugar Land have to fix a leaky metal drain pipe, a smart move is to replace it with a plastic one right away.

4. Heat Pipes to Loosen Them Up

If a threaded connection of metal pipes doesn’t move, heat them up for the desired result. Old pipes tend to automatically seal with pipe dope, hardening over time. The best solution to make them loose is by heating them up.

However, plumbers in Sugar Land need to ensure that the surrounding pipe area is well-protected with a flame-resistant material. This will avoid a fire hazard. Another thing that plumbers must know is that this method is suitable only for water and drain pipes. Never try using this procedure on gas or fuel lines.

5. Vacuum for Fixing a Clog

Generally, plumbers in Sugar Land fix a clogged drain by a shaft pickup tool. Many plumbers even go to the extent of dissembling the pipe in order to unclog it for good.

However, there are simpler methods to unclog a drain and that too in a short period of time. Plumbers can use a wet or dry vacuum to suck the clog out. As a result, they will be able to save a lot of their time.

6. Don’t Try Over-Tightening the Supply Lines

Most plumbers tighten the supply lines to stay on the safe side. But many experienced plumbers in Sugar Land have come to the conclusion that over-tightening of supply lines can be quite harmful. Hence, they need to stay a little loose. This is because a loose connection can be tightened when need be. But an overly-tightened connection damages the threaded nuts and the rubber seals.

Plumbers must keep the ends of a connection only finger-tight. Then they should tighten them for one-eighth to one-quarter turn with the help of pliers.

7. Thread Tape and Pipe Dope

When replacing a toilet or faucet, supply lines should never be reused even if they are of plastic. That’s because plastic erodes over the time, causing water leaks. Whenever plumbers in Sugar Land are changing the supply line, they must use the thread tape and pipe dope.

The thread sealant which is the pipe dope is great for compression fittings and ground fittings as it helps the plumbing connections to work efficiently.

Thread tapes are also used for sealing the plumbing connections. However, the tape should only be used for pipe threads not for compression fittings. Professional plumbers suggest that the tape should be wrapped around the connection at least three times. The wraps must be turned clockwise around the pipe. Otherwise, the tape will come off after some time.

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