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Plumbing in Katy, TX – Water is too Hot!

Hot water pouring out of a bathroom faucet

Whenever you turn on the hot tap for water at home and it is too hot, you may wonder why it is so hot to begin with. You may also question if it will cause any damage to your home’s plumbing system. In this article we will go over reasons why the water can get too hot and what will need to be done to alleviate the situation.

First, you should begin by asking yourself these 7 questions.

  1. Why is your water too hot?
  2. What happens when the water gets too hot?
  3. Will there be any damage to my plumbing due to water getting too hot?
  4. Hot Water Diagnostics?
  5. How does the water travel through the expansion pipe when the water gets too hot?
  6. What can cause the water to get to hot?
  7. What are the recommended temperatures for hot water?

Why is your water too hot?

You may have noticed that the water in your home has gotten hotter than it usually does and thought nothing of it at the time. However, you should be concerned. When the water in your home gets too hot, it should be resolved before the problem becomes worse and begins to cost more than you realize. The reason for this is that your water is either becoming too hot due to the heating element is of course, heating the water up, but, it is not turning itself off, meaning that there is a fault in the electrical element itself or perhaps the central heating is too hot, which is causing the hot water to become too hot.

What happens when the water gets too hot?

Whenever the water in your home gets too hot it will go through thermal expansion and can possibly melt anything it comes into contact with that is not capable for handling temperatures that high. It is also quite possible that you or another household member may inadvertently scald yourself due to contact from the overly heated water.  Any water that manages to escape will have steam and that will continue until the water is cooled down to a state that it cannot be vaporized due to heat.

Will there be any damage to my plumbing due to water getting too hot?

The foremost plausible problem that can occur due to water becoming too hot is inadvertently scalding yourself. However, in reference to your home’s plumbing system, the damage that can happen could happen within the central heating system itself. Plastic for example, that is not graded for temperatures that high may change its shape, or even split. Leaking joints and damage to the interior of the housing can also possibly occur.

Hot Water Diagnostics

If the water is too hot then the stat may not be working correctly. If it is a cylinder stat, then the hot water will get too hot. If it is the central heating that is getting too hot, then it will be the stat in connection with the boiler. A room stat can also cause the water to become too hot but is typically protected by a safety stat that is within the boiler. You will obviously know if the water is too hot due to the amount of steam it will give off.

How does the water travel through the expansion pipe when the water gets too hot?

The reason that most people do not understand with water rising and coming out of the expansion pipe is the fact that water can and will expand dramatically when it becomes too hot. When water expands, its only escape route will be the expansion pipe.  Without this pipe, the expanding water could literally expand to the point that it could burst a weak pipe.

What can cause the water to get to hot?

The reasons why water may be getting too hot is due to the connections of the stat breaking for a few different reasons such as, faulty equipment, bad connections, wear and tear, water leaking from the immersion heater or general leaks of any kind for many other reasons.

What are the recommended temperatures for hot water?

The ideal temperature for hot water should be around 120 degrees Fahrenheit, however, most default manufacturer settings are at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. At 140 degrees, it only takes a few seconds to burn an adult. To prevent scalding, temperatures at 120 or below are ideal.

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