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What to Do with a Water Heater That Keeps Tripping | Water Heater Repair in Sugar Land, TX

Frequent water heater resets aren’t a good sign. Electric water heaters are complex systems and when functioning properly, fulfill your needs for hot water. Any malfunctions in the appliance can result in fires, burns or scalding.

When the electric water heater trips, the red button resets to alert the user that something is wrong. The most common reason behind the water heaters resetting regularly is that the temperature of the water gets too hot. The button is a built-in safety mechanism which resets if the temperature rises above 180° F. Most water heaters can’t sustain temperatures above that limit.

This kind of high heat can be dangerous. It may result in serious injuries like burns or scalding. To avoid such problems, it is recommended that you call for water heater repair in Sugar Land, TX at once. It is also vital that you educate yourself on such issues as a homeowner.

The Risks

High temperature means that your water heater is working extra time to produce such heat. This means that the heating elements are drawing in extra electricity or gas. The additional usage will result in high energy bills for you. This is a waste of energy and money.

The heat will be a threat to the effectiveness and efficiency of the water heater. The water heater will eventually start to develop malfunctions due to continuous exposure to heat. You may have to pay extra to replace the water heater. Some cases may even result in a fire. Such high heat is a big danger for the home. Call experts in water heater repair in Sugar Land, TX to fix this issue at once.

High heat will eventually affect the effectiveness of the heating elements and insulation. Your water heater may develop leaks and create insufficient hot water. This means high maintenance costs to solve the water heater problem or even replacement.

Causes of Tripping

High temperatures can result in frequent water heater resets. There can be many reasons behind this excess heat. Every problem has its own set of solutions and detection. It is necessary to look at each of them properly.

1.   Faulty Thermostats

Malfunctioning thermostats can be the biggest cause of high heat. Every water heater has two thermostats that regulate the lower and higher temperatures. The balance that these create is important in low energy usage and enough hot water for the home.

If the temperature of the water is too low then the lower thermostat starts the heating process. If the temperature exceeds the amount you prefer, then the thermostat works to reduce this heat. This feature regulates the temperature without using too much energy. It maintains the heat at a level the user desires. The water heater doesn’t overwork due to this balance.

However, if the thermostats malfunction, the water heater can stay switched on. Despite the high heat limit you set, the water heater will continue raising the temperature. There is no thermostat to control the heat. The heat will continue to rise beyond the limit you have set. The high limit button will trip when the temperature exceeds what the water heater can sustain.

This issue can only be fixed by a professional of water heater repair in Sugar Land, TX. Complex machines like a water heater require a certain skill set. Attempting to fix such appliances yourself may actually cause more damage. To avoid replacement costs you may want to simply call a plumber.

Trying to do it yourself is very dangerous due to safety concerns. Any mistake may result in serious injuries as the water heater is abnormally hot. They can fix the issue quite easily. They will simply test the thermostats using a millimeter and inspect the machine properly. They can change or repair the thermostat.

2.   Damaged High Limit Button

If the temperature exceeds the high limit set by the designers, the button trips automatically. If the button is malfunctioning it can trip even if there is no real cause. Calling a plumber for water heater repair in Sugar Land, TX will solve the problem easily. They can test the button and repair it promptly.

3.   Loose Wiring

Electric water heaters may develop loose wirings over time. Any issues with the wiring can result in inefficiencies within the water heater. This is a common problem with old water heaters. Do not attempt to solve this problem yourself. Electricity and water make a deadly combination so just call an expert on water heater repair in Sugar Land, TX.

If this problem occurs frequently, you may want to think about replacing your old water heaters. They are more prone to breaking down which can result in high repair costs.

4.   Problems with Heating Elements

Malfunctions in the heating elements can create huge problems for the water heaters. Despite the thermostats, heating elements may continue working over time. They draw in a lot of fuel meaning higher bills and can even damage the water heater. Failure to repair this issue can even result in fires as the water heater may produce temperatures higher than it can sustain.

You can check whether the heating element has shorted on your own. Disconnect any wire and take a continuity reading. If the reading is zero it means your heating element is broken. Call an expert in water heater repair in Sugar Land, TX to repair the problem.

5.   Bad Breakers

Circuit breakers can wear out over time from age. Corrosion due to chemicals and humidity can cause them to malfunction. This will cause the water heater to trip frequently creating an unnecessary nuisance for you. It is better to repair them as soon as you can otherwise they may fissile out completely.

Hire a Professional

There are so many issues that could result in water heater malfunctions. It is a good idea to call a plumber. They have the correct knowledge to diagnose the correct cause of the problem. Make sure you call trained professionals like Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg who can solve your problem easily.