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Katy, TX plumbing – Sewage Problems

When you wash your hands, make use of the garbage disposal in the kitchen, turn on the dishwasher or the washing machine, and even when you flush the toilet, you are putting your home’s sewage system to work. With so many things connected to the sewage system for the home, it is only a matter of time before someone goes wrong. It could be a clogged drain or even a stopped up toilet that has you seeking out professional Katy plumbing service.

Oftentimes, homeowners do not even realize that they have a sewage problem until it is too late. Over time main sewer lines like most things will begin to break down, crack, collapse, or even become obstructed by objects that have been flushed down the toilet.  Even vegetation, such as tree roots and large bushes can grow into the sewage line and cause big problems.  In order to help prevent sewage backups then consider following the tips below:

  • Drains – Avoid washing grease and cooking oils down the drain. Do not ever put food remnants down your sink such as fibrous vegetables like celery, lettuce, onion peels, potatoes or rice.  Pasta, egg shells and coffee grounds are also just as dangerous.  As a matter of fact, just don’t put anything down the drain other than what you must, such as water, grime, dishwashing detergent and hand soap.  If you ignore these tips, sooner or later you could very well find yourself dealing with a very stubborn clog that will require the services of a professional Katy plumbing company.
  • Toilets – Paper towels, feminine products, diapers, toys and even disposable wipes that claim to be flushable should never be flushed down a toilet. These items do not disintegrate as easily as toilet paper is made to so and they will eventually clog up the toilet and cause other problems for your sewer system. To get the most out of your sewer system you should only flush toilet paper and human waste down the toilet.  Even some chemicals can be potentially bad for the sewer system as they may kill the bacteria found in the sewer system that naturally breaks down the waste. Some of the most common toilet problems are due to items such as toys and “flushable” disposable wipes obstructing water from properly flowing through the toilet.
  • Sewer Lines – More often than naught, tree roots and rocks can infiltrate the sewer lines. If this happens, you may need to replace those old sewer lines. If your old sewer lines are made of clay or metal, you should replace them with plastic or PVC. Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Houston offers many versatile solutions to handling sewer line problems.   With a full lineup of plumbing related services you can count on Ben Franklin Plumbing to have the tools to handle the job
  • Backwater Prevention Valve – The backwater prevention valve is installed into a sewer line in the basement of a home. The purpose of the backwater prevention valve is to prevent sewage backups, allowing sewage to leave the home, but not allowing the sewage to come back into the home.
  • Inspect – Have a look around the front and back yard of your home and inspect the area for soggy or softer than usual areas in the lawn. If you by chance happen to come across this and there has been no rain in the last few days then this could indicate that there is a possible leak in the water line and you will need to get in touch with a professional Katy plumbing company to come and assess the situation.

If you know or think you have possibly got a sewer line problem then contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg and we will be more than happy to assist you and take care of the problem by sending out one of our professional and courteous plumbers.   A professional camera line inspection to assess the situation from one of our professional and courteous plumbers could potentially save you from a plumbing disaster that could cost you a lot of money in repairs and restoration down the road.  In the event you do have a leak and it requires removing and replacing a section of the line then we also offer trenchless digging services to minimize the damage to the yard when excavating the old pipe.