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When to Call For a Plumber in Richmond for a Water Line Repair

dirty water pouring out of faucet

Every night, you hear a noise like someone is banging on the pipes. After a week, you still haven’t been able to identify where the noise is coming from. One day, as you are doing your laundry in the basement, you hear the noise in full force. You look around and walk closer to where the noise is coming from. Lo and behold, you see a pipe dripping water and the noise is coming from the same vicinity.

Those clanging noises coming from your water pipes are an indication that you should immediately call for a plumber in Richmond. There are a number of reasons why you are hearing these noises such as a clog, changing weather, perforations, and a few other factors.

We wouldn’t say that the noises are something you shouldn’t be concerned about, but its best if you call a plumber for a water line repair in Richmond.

Causes Behind the Noisy Water Pipes

Water Hammer

As you know, water rushes with speed through the pipe lines and out the faucets. When the faucet is closed abruptly, the flow comes to a halt. However, the energy with which the water is moving now needs an outlet. In older homes, the faucets had an air chamber behind them in the wall. This air chamber was located in the pipe that ran 10 inches vertically. The water would push the pipe and hit the air cushion inside the pipe. This mechanism stopped the pipes from rattling. However, as time passes, the air that creates the cushion starts escaping, which is the cause behind the noises. Today, air cushions are attached manually that serve the same purpose.

You can reduce water hammering by closing the main valve and then draining the remaining water, only from a faucet that is located at a low level. This will restore the air cushion and prevent water hammer.


A noise coming from the toilet is easy to identify because in most cases, the cause of concern is the ballcock assembly. The noise caused by this problem is heard at the end of the flush cycle. The repair is quite simple, as it requires the ballcock assembly to be replaced.

Worn Out Washer

A washer is what provides smooth water flow. When it is damaged, which happens quite often, you hear whistling sounds. This is due to the small holes in the washer that allows the water to escape. The source of the noise is the valve connected with the washing machine. To fix this problem, a plumber in Richmond first shuts down the valve and inspects the washer. If it is cracked, he replaces the washer and then checks for noises again.

Loose Pipes

Loose pipes often create a rattling noise, which is caused when the pipes bang against each other. This happens when the pipes have close when water moves rapidly through them, the pipes sway noise. To fix this problem, call a plumber in Richmond to stabilize the pipes, which is done by suspending the pipes from floor joists.

Shut Off Valve

Here, the main line where the shut off valve is located is damaged. When the pressure is too much, the noise can be heard. This requires a complete change of the main valve and in order to prevent this from happening again, a pressure reducer should be installed.

These repairs are quite complex and should be fixed by a plumber in Richmond to prevent the noise from increasing in volume and the problem from escalating. Older homes are usually the ones that have these plumbing problems. You need to get your plumbing system checked after every 6 months to make sure that the pipes are working well inside and outside, with no signs of corrosion. There are a number of reasons why you should hire a plumber in Richmond. We have listed some of the commons one below:

Why Call For a Plumber in Richmond?


A leak could mean two things: the pipes have developed perforation or the accumulation of mildew and mold is causing a blockage, which has forced the water to change routes. Even your plumbing system has a timeline and though we seldom get work done in this department, regular maintenance can prevent all kinds of leaks.

As you know, mold thrives in moist environment and pipes are the perfect candidate for it. If the leak is coming from behind the wall, it is usually too late when you spot it. Apart from the shower, mildew growing anywhere is a serious cause of concern. Its unmistakable smell permeates the bathroom particularly after you have taken a shower. Even if you scrub and clean the bathroom, you will still smell it.

Tube Corrosion

Even a small dimple in the pipe tubing is an indication that the pipe is corroding from the inside. This usually happens when the water contains a high content of acid. The acid slowly eats the pipes from the inside and causes the leak. No pipe is safe from the problem, which is why at the first sign of corrosion; get the pipes changed by a plumber in Richmond

Discolored Water

At the first sign of discolored water, call a plumber in Richmond. The discolored water is an indication that rust is dissolving with the water and causing its composition to change. The water you get now is called “hard water”, which causes a number of difficulties such as soap doesn’t rinse out completely from the clothes, your skin gets rough, etc.


Stains indicate leaks and usually can be identified by discolored walls. The ceiling of the room, which is located underneath the bathroom, will show you the signs. Other signs are discolored bathroom walls and stains underneath the sink. The cause of staining is usually because of a leak that is farther down the pipe. One dead giveaway is bubbles underneath the wall that are filled with water. This is a big problem and requires the handiwork of a plumber in Richmond.

Now that you know what classifies as a plumbing emergency, you will be able to save hundreds of dollars on water line repair in Richmond every time. Looking for a qualified plumber who can do all these repairs? Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg is a one-stop service for all your plumbing problems. From water and gas leak repairs to installation of new tubs, sinks and much more, they offer every plumbing service imaginable. To know more about what kind services they offer and their area of expertise, you can contact them at (281) 616-3978.