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Handy Plumbing Tips by the Best Plumbers in Katy

The plumbing systems in our homes plays a major role in making our lives comfortable. To retain our level of comfort, we need to take care of our household plumbing system. Plumbers in Katy have compiled a list of useful tips and tricks that you definitely need to know, so that you can easily solve plumbing problems such as pipe leaks and clogged drains.

Don’t Ignore Water Leaks

One of the major plumbing problems is water leakage. Water dripping from the faucet can empty your water tank if you don’t fix it. Make sure that your bathroom and kitchen taps are closed properly. If the water still doesn’t stop dripping, then you need to seek professional help. Look for reliable plumbers in Katy who can help you fix leaking water taps.

If your water tank is running out of water too quickly, it indicates that there is a leak in your water line or the tank itself. You should ask plumbers in Katy to detect the source of this water leakage. A professional plumber will detect the source using modern water leak detectors and fix it as well.

Another place to look for water leaks in the house is your toilet. Oftentimes, the valves inside the flush tank malfunction and water leaks into the toilet bowl. Check if your toilet is showing similar signs and contact professional plumbers in Katy to help you out.

Watch What Goes Down the Drain

Oftentimes, homeowners treat their drainage system as a trash can. They put everything down the drain, thinking that it will magically disappear and not block the drainage system. Sadly, that’s not the case.

You need to keep an eye on the items that go down the drain. Here is a list of items that plumbers in Katy have found to cause obstructions in the household drainage system.

  • Cat Litter: Pet owners find it convenient to flush used cat litter down the toilet, without realizing that it will block the drainage pipes and cause problems. If you are in the habit of doing the same thing, you should stop because it might cost you a lot in the future.
  • Food Items: While doing the dishes, people often let egg shells, coffee beans, leftover vegetables, and oil enter their kitchen sink drain. They find it as an easy way to get rid of the leftover food, but fail to realize that this habit will eventually clog their drainage pipes.
  • Tissue Papers, Cotton Balls and Female Sanitary Products: Homeowners often flush these items down the drain, thinking that they will dissolve in the water and not cause any blockages. The truth is that these items are the most common cause of obstruction in drainage pipes.

Make sure that you don’t put these items down the drain and also teach your kids the same. To ensure that your household drainage system works perfectly, you need to take necessary steps to prevent clogged drains and toilets.

Use a Plunger

To handle clogged drains, you must invest in a good quality plunger. There are two types of plungers. One is specially made for toilets and the other one is used for sink and shower drains. Plumbers in Katy recommend that you should use both plungers to make sure that your household drainage system works perfectly.

Most people picture the common sink plunger when they get this advice. It is made up of a wooden stick attached to a rubber cup with a wide base. The base fits into sink drains as well as shower drains. On the other hand, toilet plungers are narrow at the bottom. They are designed in this way so they can easily fit into the toilet bowl and unclog it efficiently. Plungers come in handy when you are struck by difficult plumbing situations.

Use Plumber’s Tape

Plumbers in Katy recommend that every homeowner must buy a thread seal tape. It will help in sealing leaks and preventing water wastage. This tape is also used by plumbers to seal pipe joints. If the shower pipe in your bathroom is leaking, you can wrap a thread seal tape around the shower pipe fitting to prevent water leakage. When you have a plumber’s tape by your side, you don’t need to call a plumber for every minor issue.

Water Heater Efficiency

Plumbers in Katy have compiled some tips to increase the efficiency of your water heater. To prevent heat loss, you should invest in insulating the water pipes that take hot water from the heater to your faucet. Insulation will ensure that the water remains hot till it reaches your faucet, by preventing the heat from escaping into the surroundings.

Another way to increase the water heater’s efficiency is to insulate the hot water tank. This will reduce heat loss and make sure that water remains warm for a long time. Also, homeowners make the mistake of setting the heat level very high on the water heater’s thermostat, thinking that the water will heat up quickly. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Doing so will make the water heater consume more energy and increase your bills.

If plumbing problems are not solved immediately, they worsen over time and cause major problems in your household plumbing system. To remain on the safe side, you should hire a plumber for regular maintenance checkups. A professional plumber will make sure that you don’t face any kind of plumbing issues in the future by providing excellent maintenance and repair services. If you live in Katy and are looking for plumbers, contact Benjamin Franklin Plumbing® of Rosenberg. They provide 24-hour emergency plumbing services as well as regular maintenance. Click here to visit their website or give them a call at (281) 616-3978.