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8 Things That Clog Your Pipes | Drain Cleaning in Katy

Plumbing systems are complex and intricate, strategically installed around the house by professionals. When the plumbing works as it should, it becomes easy to take things for granted. Why should you require regular drain cleaning in Katy if you don’t have a problem in the first place, right?

This thought process can prove to be costly down the road because plumbing issues work silently to disrupt the regular flow of fluids. However, it is only natural for the stuff we flush down the drain to make its way to the pipes and cause blockages. There are several things we shove down the pipes just because it appears convenient 1) Fruit Waste and Peelsat the time, but then we end up requiring drain cleaning in Katy.

People just don’t anticipate the damage done to their plumbing systems as they prefer flushing things down the toilet when they’re too lazy to walk a few steps to the garbage bin. Soon, the stuff we flush down our toilets comes back to haunt us in the most nightmarish ways possible.

So to save some serious cash, you should prevent tossing random objects down the toilet or have regular drain cleaning in Katy, whichever works.

You’ll be surprised to find the kind of things people try ‘flushing’ down the toilet – with little success.

Fruit peels don’t break down easily and quickly take up space inside the pipes. So the first order of business is to not flush parts of the fruit you don’t want to eat. The peels and skins stick around disposer blades and accumulate in small quantities, eventually clogging the sink. This leads to disruptive congestion inside the sink, and the only fix is professional drain cleaning in Katy.

2) Fibrous Foods

The garbage disposal is not manufactured to process fibrous foods. Yet people are guilty of flushing fibrous foods such as potatoes, onion skins, corn, celery, and asparagus into the garbage disposal. These items wrap around the blades of the motor and damage it in the process. They also clog the pipes and cause a backup, requiring professional drain cleaning in Katy.

Eventually all the stuff that you tossed down there will force its way back into the house, making for a ghastly experience that you won’t be forgetting any time soon. The general rule of thumb is not to flush fibrous foods down the drain.

3) Grease and Fats

Grease accumulates over time, clogging up spaces in pipes and preventing a good flush. It is incredibly tempting and convenient to dump grease down the drain, but it is not advisable because it will require professional drain cleaning in Katy down the line. Just take a few extra seconds (or minutes) out of your day and pour the grease into an empty container. Allow the grease to congeal over time before throwing it in the trash.

Some people even try to flush the grease down their toilets, but this only allows fats to freeze and congeal in a process that is very similar to cholesterol. Once the blockage becomes significant enough, it causes your plumbing to back up and require professional drain cleaning in Katy.

4) Cotton Swabs

Our experts often report finding cotton swabs down the drains and pipes. The plumbing system is not designed to handle such waste products and will cause a back up. Cotton swabs and Q-tips usually turn sideways inside the toilet bowl traps. The toilet trap isn’t usually wide enough to give a safe passage to clogged Q-tips in the plumbing system.

Anything flushed down the toilet afterward will be logged and collected against the cotton swaps of the Q-tips and the toilet will start to get clogged. You can try to fix this yourself using DIY techniques taught on YouTube or blog posts, but the best way to address this problem is by having regular drain cleaning in Katy.

The best way to handle Q-tips is to simply walk a few extra steps to the garbage can and dispose it off there instead of trying to flush them ‘out of sight and out of mind’. If you have already done the deed, make sure not to do it again.

5) “Flushable Wipes”

Towelettes do not break down inside the plumbing system. The same applies to wipes that come with the label ‘flushable.’ It’s a huge public disservice when you think about it, because once the flushable toilet wipes make their way into your plumbing system, it becomes a massive headache for everyone.

This includes baby wipes as well, which wreak havoc with your plumbing lines. Many neighborhoods are forced to cough up a lot of money to have professional plumbers clean out their clogs because of wet wipes that just won’t break down.

6) Toys

It is common for young children to experiment with the unknown, and the plumbing system is one such uncharted territory. Whatever your young ones feel like they can shove down the toilet, they will do so. As responsible parents, you should teach them about the harms of flushing foreign objects into the main sewer lines.

7) Cat Litter

Cat litter is one of those things you’re better off not flushing down the toilet. The clay, sand, and silica materials prove to be detrimental to the plumbing systems because they absorb moisture and clump together into large lumps. The end result is a blocked drain that backs up against increasing pressure from fluids, and this will require drain cleaning in Katy.

8) Dental Floss and Hair

Dental floss might seem friendly to your plumbing system because what’s the worst that a piece of string can do, right? Floss isn’t biodegradable, and it easily forms knots and clumps. It becomes breeding ground for bacteria and collects foul odors that eventually make living near the same space difficult, requiring drain cleaning in Katy.

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